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Gilgamesh's Change During the Story: Essay on Psychological Transformation

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There is a spiritual awakening in each of these stories waiting to be heard. Personally, assuming there's an underlying message in each of these tales that fate has the ultimate say in human existence and that we cannot really do much about it. Once we know that our time is coming, we generally look at things in different ways, including our lives.

The big theological problem in Ecclesiastes is that we must accept that mortality has the power to decide our existence. That must be accepted and accepted by all people. Even though death is unavoidable, the key spiritual awakening in Ecclesiastes, another crisis arises from the actual book. Qoheleth claims that his beliefs are based on his own logic and 'what is being done underneath the light.' Qoheleth attempted to decide the purpose of life by using his own insight and understanding capacity. Although some of those views are consistent with the traditional Modern Bible beliefs, the fact remains that we will all be destroyed by death.

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The possibility of dying is something that can completely change one's views of life. There is something like it that would help us take our freedom more personally, something that we can all look forward to every day. Chapter 9 tells everyone that man must weep in his acts and in his world; it should be pursued and endeavored to complete our lives. If we do nothing, knowing that our lives are imminent, then we would have more joy in our lives, and we may not think so much about death until our time is up.

Many of those same problems emerge in Gilgamesh, where even if his beloved friend Enkidu passes on, Gilgamesh himself came to terms with his own destiny. Gilgamesh had the idea, till this time, he would live forever. He assumed he would remain eternal as the deities of ancient Greek mythology, although he was mistaken to his dismay. Such a book is somewhat comparable to Ecclesiastes' story as each book demonstrates the inevitability of death. For Gilgamesh, it is difficult to realize, yet he too had to embrace the fact that death has the last say in human lives. Gilgamesh discovers how his life and the world within him must be content with him. Everything clearly needed a transition on behalf of Gilgamesh.

The psychological transformation he's going through reveals that at the conclusion of this tale, he's a happier person. Second, following Enkidu's death, the mission for salvation reveals that Gilgamesh has changed. Once Gilgamesh learns that he is not immortal, he is scared. It is clear through the course of the story; Gilgamesh has gone from arrogant to a terrifying man. It is evident that through the course of the book Gilgamesh has gone from an arrogant to a frightened being. Gilgamesh's eyes were opened in realizing that death is upon him, and he now fully understands the idea of joining his friend in death.

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