Glass Castle Movie and Book Comparison

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The Glass Castle is a memoir by Jeannette Walls that was published in 2005. The title is refferred to her father's long dreeam of building his dream house, the glass castle. The book shows how Jeannette and her siblings had to fend for themselves while their parents were there , but not there and mostly revolve around each other , poverty and tough love.The book was excellent.As a result of the book being so good, a movie of the book was directed by Destin Daniel Cretton and was written by Cretton, Andrew Lanham, and Marti Noxon in August 9, 2017. People and other Jeannette walls fans are struggling to decide how the movie relates to the memoir. The film version is a fair portrayal of the memoir in my opinion because the scenes played by the Walls family that were described in the book were pretty much accurate.It will have you on the edge of your seat while reading , wanting to see what happens next.

One reason why I strongly agree that the film version is a fair portrayal of the memoir because the actors were on point on how the Walls family looked and acted as Jeannette described in the memoir , as so as the events that took place throughout both the book and movie. For an example , in the book when Rex buys groceries that lasts for two days , Rose Mary catches Jeanette and Lori eating the last stick of margarine and butter. Jeanette explains that they were hungry. Which makes Rose Mary realize how bad their life is and escalates an argument between Rex accusing each other of how their the cause of the problem. This scene was done perfectly by Namoi Watts and Woody Harrelson. Then again the family moves to 93 little hobart street , a fun-size house on the edge of a mountain in West virginia ( welch ) , they work as a team to make it look and feel like home , painting the outer structure of the house yellow just as described in the memoir.

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Second reason The film was successful , was because in some ways “The Glass Castle” movie was actually more on point then the memoir. In the memoir, Walls writes about her mother Rose Mary Walls, a woman who likes to paint- a passion that she sometimes benefits from and enjoy at the expense of her children. In the movie, Rose Mary's art is not just described, it is also seen. In the film , Naomi Watts who acts a Jeannettes mother , Rose Mary , flawlessly perfects the carefree spirit of the role played in the memoir like it was of her own.

In conclusion , the film is a fair portrayal of the movie because , four siblings must fend for themselves as their parents both hold them back and inspire them at the same time. When the father is sober he always captures their unbreakable imagination teaching them all kinds of things , such as how to embrace their life fearlessly , physics and geology but when he drank , he was very rude , destructive , untruthful ,corruptive and overall just filled with chaos. Simultaneously , as the mother ( Rose Mary ) abhorred the thought of domesticity and did not want to take the responsibility of raising a family , just as described in the memoir. Even though the actors can act out every little detail that was in the book the scenes were genuinely played by the Walls family in perfection that were described in the book. Brie Larson, who plays as Jeannette’s mom , and thee Woody Harrelson, who plays as Jeannettes father, were perfect. Harrelson portrayed Rex accurately as he was described in the memoir and was terrific for his part.

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