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A Comparative Analysis of Spanish Conquistadors and French Explorers

When comparing relations between the native populations of the “New World “ and the French Explorers as well as Spanish Conquistadors , one needs to look no further than historical accounts dating back to the time period. In short, the relationship between the “native populations” in the New World” and the arriving Spanish Conquistadors was brutal, inhumane and genocidal to say the least. Some instances of these sheer cruelties were highlighted in the “Letter from Hernando Pizarro to the Royal...
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A Brief Overview of The History of Explorers Like Jacques Cartier and Herman Cortes

In the early 16th century, the European super powers, England, France and Spain decided to “broaden” their horizons. All three set sail in an attempt to further their power. But when they reached the shores of what is now known as Canada and Mexico what would they find? Would they find a land already occupied by a new and distinctly fascinating society? No, they found a land for the taking. These European “settlers” gave no regard to the native populations...
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Jacques Cartier Biography Analysis

Have you ever wondered how Canada was found, and who found it? The answer is, Jacques Cartier (1491-1557). Jacques Cartier was an explorer that sailed for France. He made three voyages in total, to Newfound land (nowadays Canada), each of them with a different story and a different purpose. His voyages include finding goods, attempts of colonization, making friends with Indians, finding rivers, and mountains that are now very famous. For example, did you know Jacques Cartier found Mont Real...
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Charles Mair’s A Ballad for Brave Women and Thomas D’Arcy McGee’s Jacques Cartier: Critical Analysis

Depictions of the great northern wilderness are often found in Canadian literature. The natural environment and the landscape of Canada have always been a fundamental part of the identity of the country and of the country’s literature. In different works, we find that the natural world is portrayed differently yet similarly, and looking at Charles Mair’s A Ballad for Brave Women and Thomas D’Arcy McGee’s Jacques Cartier, we notice how landscape and the natural environment play a significant role in...
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