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Medgar Evers and His Activity in NAACP: Descriptive Essay

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Throughout American history, African Americans suffered a period of oppression through the unjust leadership of white supremacy groups in society, disowned of their legal rights, deprived of any voice in society, and threatened to the point of death for actions of protest for their rightfully given freedom. Medgar Evers, an American civil rights activist from the 1950s, led African Americans to believe there's a chance to give a free and equal life for them and anyone else who has been deprived of their equal rights as a human being from 1952-1963. Medgar Evers gave a great deal of his life to give African Americans the freedom and equality he knew they deserved; through his protests, speeches and freedom walks throughout his short and memorable lifetime.

America in the mid-twentieth century was a hard place for a man of color to live, Black men and women were deprived of their legal rights and Americans and were forced to live a less free life. People like Medgar Evers gave these men and women hope for a better and freer life. African Americans were thought of as a lower class of people simply because of the color of their skin. As America reached the year 1947, we still couldn't appreciate black men and women for their talents. For the first time ever a black man was allowed to play on a major league baseball team but still was constantly harassed because of his skin color. When Jackie Robinson joined the Dodgers baseball team nearly five players left because they couldn't stand on a field supporting a black man. He was hurt by all sorts of players throughout the game, and many teams wouldn't even agree to play against him. Black and white Americans who chose to fight for the freedom of the less fortunate were in many cases threatened by many people, many who were part of white supremacy groups such as the KKK(Ku Klux Klan). Anyone person who was or associated with a man or woman of color in America, during the twentieth century was at risk of being placed into an even lower class or being killed.

As America advanced into an Era were black men and women began to fight for the given rights which had been denied to them for all those years, Medgar Wiley Evers was not one to stay home and watch. Through his courageous efforts did many of the changes to give black Americans their privilege occur in their societies. At an early age, Evers was exposed to clear scenes of racial discrimination. Since he was a young boy he has seen black men and women being beaten and abused simply because of their color. At this same age, his older brother (Charles Evers) taught him about the segregation of schools in America and the change that needs to be made. Medgar looked up to his older brother for all his adolescent life and the majority of his adult life as well (Davis). Being exposed to such disturbing content at a young age Evers built up a deep hatred towards the men and women who would not think to see an equal life between blacks and whites. “Despite fighting for his country as part of the Battle of Normandy, Evers soon found that his skin color gave him no freedom when he and five friends were forced away at gunpoint from voting in a local election” (“NAACP History: Medgar Evers”). As Evers was constantly treated with no respect and many threatened when he demanded his legally given rights, he made a note and had made a list of the main changes he knew he needed to make. After being denied access to the University of Mississippi Law school he was appointed field secretary for the NAACP in Mississippi (“The Legacy of Medgar Evers”). With the position of the NAACP field secretary under his name, Evers had an opportunity to make a real change in society and possibly in his nation as a whole. Medgar Evers accomplish many different goals in his lifetime but becoming the first field secretary for the NAACP in Mississippi gave him a true opportunity to change the opportunity for a freer life for African Americans around the country.

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Although Medgar Wiley Evers fought all his life to see a change in his society, to create a more equal community all throughout the country. He died before these changes were made, but his contributions to the movement made a bigger impact than words can explain. After Evers was assassinated in his front yard his story was heard by everyone and was truly not taken easily by the black community. Protests, marches, and alliances till to this day happen due to the death and impacts of Evers on the African American population in the U.S. (The Legacy of Medgar Evers). The impact Evers had on the country was astonishing. He created a new community and is now considered an American hero. Because he died so early it was hard for him to make an explosive impact while alive but since he has died he has contributed countless changes. Soon after the emplacement as Evers in the NAACP as a field Secretary, he began to take charge of his city. He did the obvious, Protests, riots and outbreaks over the media. But along with all these, he persuaded many locals all over the city to consult with him prior to becoming field secretaries in the SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) (“The Legacy of Medgar Evers”). As Medgar Evers grew up through his life the risk he put forth even for a small change was unexplainable. In his head, if he could change it for the better he would. One of Evers’s first projects was the integrating of the University of Mississippi. After he was denied access to the school, supposedly because of his race he dedicated himself to ensure that it would not happen to any other black individual (Crowther). Medgar Evers Generally took every decision he made into consideration with the mindset that it wasn't just for him but the black community as a whole. Evers Fought to better the nation as a whole no matter the risk it put on himself. Without the contributions he put forth, our schools could still be the segregated mess they were before.

The assassination of civil rights activist Medgar Wiley Evers shook America, and the legacy of his actions and his tragic story has changed our nation for generations. Medgar Evers was an iconic Civil rights activist who shot at gunpoint at age 37, he lived a life run by segregation. From the institutionalized racism, he experienced throughout his childhood, to the discrimination that killed him in the hospital bed that day. Dying from a bullet wound after being denied access because of his skin color. Segregation controlled much of his life, and because of it, he dedicated his life to fighting for change (Crowther). The death of Medgar Evers put a hole in his community, quickly filled by the many respected followers of the beloved leader in the black community of Mississippi. Evers’ death was mourned nationally. After his assassination, a procession was led in honor of his legacy. The procession leaders included other civil rights leaders like Allen Johnson and Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. (“Medgar Evers Facts”). Evers was followed by some of our nation's most prized individuals, Men and Women all over our nation came to show their respect for the contributions put forth by Evers. “In 1969, Evers' brother Charles was the first black man elected mayor in Mississippi. “Medgar and I said many years ago, if we ever end the violent racism in this state, it'll be the greatest state in the world to live,” he tells Peeples. “And now, Medgar, I know you're gone, but I'm telling you, son, it's come to pass” (The Legacy of Medgar Evers). Evers left a legacy in his family, With his bloodline continuing to push for the rights of their race that Evers had always wanted. Medgar Wiley Evers left his mark on our country. His legacy still to this day pushes people to be better. To see our world in a more equal sense and to go constantly change our nation into the equal community we had decided upon through the constitution.

Medgar Wiley Evers, An Icon in the history our country has been remembered as a courageous young man who has fought for the bettering of others. After serving his time in the army during WWII he applied to the University of Mississippi Law school. He was denied access because if the racist backing of the school and the segregation of schools all over his country. He soon after was appointed as the first field secretary for the NAACP in Mississippi. When in this position he dedicated years of work to change the segregation of schools all over America. He died after serving as field secretary for 38 years, on June 12th, 1963. He was shot at gunpoint in his front yard after a conference meeting with the head of the NAACP looking to change the segregation of schools. He was rushed to the hospital but was denied access because of his race and died soon after in the waiting room of that same hospital. Evers was thought of in his community as a leader. A man everyone looked up to for hope to see a freer future. He never got to see the change he made in societies all over the world, but because of his efforts as a civil rights activist did we see a change in the integration of schools across America.

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