Ophthalmology Code Of Ethics

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As an Ophthalmologist, you are considered to be a medical practitioner. A medical practitioner is an individual who is of great significance to society due to their ability of aiding others to live a more healthier life. As an individual who is part of such a noble profession, there are areas of your practice that will require you to follow ethical principles.


“Competence involves technical ability, cognitive knowledge, and ethical concerns for the patient. (AAO)” An Ophthalmologist must;

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  • Not fabricate or tamper with their qualifications, as this may be lead to their discreditation and/or legal consequences.
  • Acknowledge any impairment or disability that they possess and how that may affect their ability to practice.
  • Practice in their area(s) of expertise, or atleast under a qualified assistant, if under any form of training (AAO).


It is important for an Ophthalmologist to understand and acknowledge the implications of any form of relationship in their practice. An Ophthalmologist should:

  • Not practice with the intent of economic gain for an individual or institution of any sort. (AAO).
  • Disclose any sort of ‘conflict of interest’ associated with their practice. An Ophthalmologist must acknowledge the manner in which their professional judgement of a patient’s health can be construed (AAO).
  • Be accurate and truthful with any professional discourse done with fellow colleagues.

Patient Care

As a professional health care practitioner, an Ophthalmologist must understand that their first obligation is to the best interests of a patient’s health. An Ophthalmologist:

  • Must not discriminate against a patient due to their identity
  • Must make sure to obtain the written consent of a patient before any course of action is taken when regarding the treatment of the patient (ICO).
  • Ensure that the privacy and confidentiality of a patient is maintained (ICO).
  • Must be prompt in their response when addressing the needs of a patient that has been critically injured (ICO).
  • Be faithful and accurate when disclosing information about a patient’s health to the patient or their company.
  • Should not unnecessarily recommend procedures that will be of no benefit to the patient’s wellbeing. An Ophthalmologist should in fact attempt to minimize the cost of a patient’s care while considering the best interest of the patient (ICO).

Social Standards

An Ophthalmologist caters to the eye health needs of a patient and is thus an important aspect to society as a health care practitioner. In order to be socially responsible, an Ophthalmologist Should:

  • Not portray themselves as a unique provider of healthcare who distinguishes themselves from other Ophthalmologists.
  • Not provide a patient with any misleading information through omission when addressing their health (ICO).
  • Exploiting a patient’s anxieties in order to unfairly benefit themselves (ICO).

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