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Racism Around Us No Matter Where You Are In The World

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How do you define this world? Cruel. Brutal. Well I see this world full of racism. Since the dawn of time, the rise and the fall of various empires there has always been inherit racism present in society. As for my discussion for today, I will be talking about racism and white fragility, and how it affects our world, children and our younger generation as we know it.

I define racism as when someone is being harassed for their skin, appearance, looks and race. Racism is also when someone is purposely targeted by someone else. I believe there has always been racism around us, no matter where you are in the world. As a young individual of this community where there is so much racism passed around, we need a change and we need one now.

“I HAVE A DREAM” he said, “I HAVE A DREAM THAT EVERY VALLEY SHALL BE EXALTED”. On the 28th of august 1963, King martin Luther Jr stated this sentence and it made history. I have that exact same dream for this world, that one day we will live in peace, equality and even rights. I am part of our world's youthful generation, we are about to become adults leading the even younger generation to look up to us as we look up to our parents. One thing that is crucial in our generation is judgement . Everyone is so quick to judge others for their appearance, race, background etc. what type of image will this put into our younger generations mind? They will think its okay, racism and racial discrimination is never the case.

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Another form of racism is called racial discrimination. racial discrimination is when you are picked on for your religion, looks, background etc. As someone who has experience this trauma and effect on myself, I can say that it’s not easy to go through anything like that even if its not racism or racial discrimination. Now I am prouder of myself, and I still have that dream. A dream where one day we will all be treated fairly and won’t be judged on our looks, race or even religion.

White fragility is not racism, it can have some relation to racism but is certainly not the same thing. White fragility is the feeling and discomfort when a white person hears and witnesses conversations/ discussions about racial inequality. White fragility can also mean when a white person decides to be racist or racially discriminates against others, and they don't understand that they actually are being racist. “I don't wanna play with any of those black animals”. This phrase was used in the movie remember the titans, spoken by character Garry bertier. Remember the Titans is a movie based in 1971 and talks about a white school and a black school who are forced to come together, learn, listen and play football. They have to work as a team even though these times racism was very high and a common thing and normal for this generation of students. The script line “I don't wanna play with any of those black animals” shows that this person sees black people as “animals”.

As stated in my first paragraph we learn from our older generations, as we look up to them this shows that children not only learn from their parents but by others all around them. This has a major impact on our society, how you may ask? Well the others around us affect how we think, look and see the world, we can take on and see the views of other people. A Lot of our attitudes and figures are shaped when we are young children, buy learning from the others and elders around us how we will make a change in society. white fragility and racism is everywhere we can only make a change if WE ARE the change.

Our society and our younger generation need a change. I believe we have the rights and ability to change for the better, to set an equal example. I HAVE A DREAM, that we WILL CHANGE. This world is full of racism and judgement, and what for? For the colour of someone's skin, religion or even race? We need a change, we are the change, and the change starts with YOU.

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