Schindler's List': Movie Review

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The movie ‘Schindler’s List’ is about businessman Oskar Schindler, a German person, who saves around 1 100 polish Jews people. There are many movies about the Second World War, but for me ‘Schindler’s List’ is the most emotional. As it shows the both, how human can be cruel and also very kind. It’s about a man, who took a tremendous risk to save others.

The film opens with lighting a candle, illuminating the Hebrew prayers reciting thousands of years of culture, the candle burned steadily throughout and as the prayer diminishes, the candle fades, and so does all color the screen turns to gray their culture and their people go up in smoke there is no light left, the gray of the Holocaust begins. Action starts in German occupied Poland, Krakow. German army defeats the Polish army, during the three weeks, in the 1939. The main character, Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson), is an opportunistic member of the Nazi party, he arrives from Czechoslovakia to use the cheap labor force of Jews, in order to manufacture enamelware for the German military. He has his own factory, where he hires Jews, rather than poles, because Jews people are the cheaper to employ, than his loans money from the Jewish investors, investors agree to accept goods as a payment. Schindler finds out, that money will be worthless in the ghetto. The Jews workers, get nothing themselves, the wages are paid to the Reich, but instead they are allowed outside the ghetto. Many people try to work in his factory, but Oskar says that he’s not saving life for people but later, more and more people will be accepted in the factory, because working there for them was associated to heaven. So, with this realization, Oskar decides to save people’s lives, as much as he can. Later, everything changes when Goeth receives an order, about the killing Jews. Schindler tries to save each person working on his factory, Jewish workers from deportation. During that hard time, Oskar even manages to let his workers, to gain new religious traditions, by observing the Sabbath on Friday nights. At the end of the war, he becomes a war criminal. At the same time, his grateful Jewish workers, present him a gold ring, that is inscribed with a passage from Talmud, ‘Whoever saves one life’s, saves the world entire’. Actually, this is the most emotional and important part in the whole movie.

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In reality, one of the most visited graves in Jerusalem, belongs to Oskar Schindler, so the movie is based on a true story. There were some actions and places, that was unreal of course, but the movie and the story is real. Movie title implies the information that Oskar was the solely person responsible for the list, while he had a very little task to do with it. When the war ended, Oskar Schindler was asked, by one of his Jews, how he determined who got on the list and who didn’t, according to David M. Crowe, Schindler responded that he had nothing to do with it. In real, Marcel Goldberg decided who put on the list and who did not. In the movie, when camp has to be moved, Schindler gave only guideline, which was that he wanted, named, ‘my people’, also they added prominent Jews from his factory. Actually, this is the famous thing, about myth and reality in the movie, that Schindler didn’t create the list, but both in real and in the movie, he protected those who worked for him, as we already mentioned, he saved around 1,100 Jews people from Germans. Actually, Oskar had no success in business, not before the war, nor after the war, although he used its cover to run factories, technically they were failures, but it was his main plan.

The movie itself has so many aspects to talk and think about, it shows the most dramatic scenes, from which one can explore and change his mind. For me film played significant role in determining how the Second World War effects on the innocent people.

If I were a director of the movie, I wouldn’t have strong changes in the movie, because, it’s based on the true story, and it’s important to save the real part. Of course, for people it’s very emotional and hard to watch and realize that without the peace, life is so brutal, but the actions, how Oskar treats the people, how he takes himself in to the risk, how he feels people’s pain. It’s unbelievable. Each and every word was so meaningful that I don’t think that I can change something in a good way. So, for me, this film is perfect, with its every part, every single word and action. But I wish, there was no more war, and I hope that, no innocent people will be killed.

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