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Schindler's List Essays

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Schindler's List': Movie Review

The movie ‚ÄėSchindler‚Äôs List‚Äô is about businessman Oskar Schindler, a German person, who saves around 1 100 polish Jews people. There are many movies about the Second World War, but for me ‚ÄėSchindler‚Äôs List‚Äô is the most emotional. As it shows the both, how human can be cruel and also very kind. It‚Äôs about a man, who took a tremendous risk to save others. The film opens with lighting a candle, illuminating the Hebrew prayers reciting thousands of years of...
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Analysis of the Steven Spielberg's Film ‚ÄėSchindler's List‚Äô

Six million Jewish inhabitants of Eastern Europe were killed amid the Holocaust of the 1940’s. Families were removed from their homes and put into ghettos, which were substantial jail type foundations that housed many individuals in a single little apartment. They were then isolated from their families, ‘men to one side and ladies to one side’, and were put in inhumane imprisonments, where the greater part of them were murdered and incinerated. In 1993, Steven Spielberg coordinated a film, ‚ÄėSchindler’s...
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Illustration of Universal Ideas in Margaret Atwood's Novel 'The Handmaid's Tale' and Steven Spielberg's Film ‚ÄėSchindler‚Äôs List‚Äô

The primary genre of Margaret Atwood’s novel, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, is speculative fiction as it is based on a fantasy world that parallels reality but in the future. The novel follows the protagonist Offred, who is a handmaid under the rule of the Gilead regime, a theocratic and totalitarian state in America. It was formed due to the outbreak of a treacherous disease that caused 99 percent of the population to become infertile. The government responds by seizing control of...
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Development of Eli and Oscar in the Book 'Night' and the Film 'Schindler's List'

Still today many books are still very important to many surroundings, they have tons of abilities and can hold a spot in your head forever. This book called ‚ÄėNight‚Äô is definitely important especially to the writer Elie Wiesel. He was a huge survivor of a horrendous and frightening real-life event that took place in 1941 and 1945 known as the Holocaust or Shoah. The Holocaust took place in the broader context of World War II where Germany invaded Poland. It...
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Reflections on Why 'Schindler’s List' Is One of the Most Important Films in History

‚ÄėSchindler’s List‚Äô is an important film in society because it emphasizes marginalization, genocide, and individualization. There are many symbols that appear throughout the film. Some of these include the girl and red and the hand that lights the candle in the beginning scene. The use of symbolism helps create meaning and emotion and contributes to the overall theme. Directed by popular film director and producer Steven Spielberg, Schindler‚Äôs List debuted in 1993 as an American film depicting the historical events...
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‚ÄėSchindler's List‚Äô as Historical Representation of the Holocaust

During the year 1933, the Nazis came into power led by Adolf Hitler without using any force. Hitler convinced the Nazis to help him get rid of all the Jews. He forced all or most of the Jews onto crowded train cars and hauled them off to either any of the various ghettos, any of the various concentration camps, or any of the various labor camps. The ghettos were not much better to be living in then labor or concentration...
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Tensions in William Shakespeare‚Äôs Play ‚ÄėThe Merchant of Venice‚Äô and Steven Spielberg‚Äôs Film ‚ÄėSchindler‚Äôs List‚Äô

Tensions are created as the culmination of the audience‚Äôs sympathy and desire for the individual‚Äôs welfare and survival against the visual testimonies of anti-Semitic abuse and atrocity. William Shakespeare‚Äôs play, ‚ÄėThe Merchant of Venice‚Äô, and Steven Spielberg‚Äôs film, ‚ÄėSchindler‚Äôs List‚Äô, depict the tensions inciting the human experience of change and connection through the insights accentuated by the aspects of moral ambiguities within vice and virtue, subversions of expectations and the establishment of the individual. The screenplay of ‚ÄėSchindler‚Äôs List‚Äô establishes...
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Symbolism of the Girl in the Red Coat in the Film 'Schindler's List'

In Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-winning film, ‚ÄėSchindler’s List‚Äô, it tells the incredible true story of a German businessman, Oskar Schindler, who saved over one thousand Jews during World War II. The film takes place in Krakow, Poland beginning in the year 1939, where an ambitious, money-hungry Oskar Schindler was ready to make his fortune from the war. Throughout the film, there are several symbols including characters, and colors used to represent abstract concepts. The most influential scene in the film possesses...
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Similarities between the Films 'The Mission' and 'Schindler's List'

The two excellent works of cinematography: ‚ÄėThe Mission‚Äô and ‚ÄėSchindler‚Äôs List‚Äô differ immensely in terms of the theme, time frame, and location. At the same time, they encompass a similar take on depicting the human experience in a fight for rights and freedom. Moreover, they both encounter a religious/spiritual aspect that is engraved into the culture and people. Not to mention, both films are based on authentic historical events. In an extremely objective way, they depict events that took place...
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