Should Factory Farming Be Banned?

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All auto mobiles, planes and factories combined are no match to raising farm animals for food when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions. As demand for meat has grown the animal agriculture has gobbled up more and more of water, energy, crops and land. For the last decade, vast expanses of native environment have been cleared to grow crops to feed the farm animals in factory farms. It is estimated on average they feed 6kg of plant protein to get 1kg of animal protein, thus proving that factory farms use more food than they produce. 13 of all the cereal in the world are being fed to farm animals per year equaling the amount of food for 3 billion people around the globe.

Factory farming of animals is an industrialized intensive farming of animals. It is estimated that most farm animals are commonly known as chickens and pigs. These factories keep their animals in horrible condition such as in dark sheds with not enough room for one animal in a cage which they can’t escape from nor can they move around within it. The reason why is that the factory can get the cheapest way possible to get mediocre products for the cheapest price, simply referred as fast food farming. There are two ways of farming a chicken for eggs or meat. In sheds there are possibly more than 25 chickens per cage and having less than a sheet of A4 per chicken to stand on. They are fed with special diet with antibiotics to support their growth resulting three times faster than the average hen. They are usually slaughtered at five to six weeks old, a very quick and painful life. Some of the chicks don’t even survive until then because their organs are unable to support its body because of its unnatural growth and suffocate to death. Some can’t even stand on their feet, unable to reach their food and die from starvation. In average loss per day from the chicks in New Zealand is 8000 until today. The only time they see the sunlight was the day they die in the hands of a butcher. Because of the antibiotics there was a major outbreak of bird flu in 2014 all over Asia. Millions of people died due to crippled infected dead meat being exported from East Asia had soon infected all of Eurasia. This was almost as worse than natural disasters.

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As for the chickens being raised to produce eggs are called battery hens. When the eggs hatch turns out being female would be raised to lay eggs and if male than they execute it on day one because they were no use to the factory since they already had a different group of mating males. The Hen’s lifetime is about 14 months. They are also kept in small cages at least 5 in each one. After they reach a limit which they are unable to lay eggs they are slaughtered by the farmers and thrown into the industrial waste. This truly one of the worst lives that the factory has to offer.

Last but no least there are factory farm pigs. The number of pigs are very important for business which is exactly why they breed these pigs. The female pigs are kept in very small metal cages, unable to move left to right, forward or backward. It was perfectly designed for one pig only and had a small space for the piglets to stay next to the cage by their mother. The reason for this torturous act was to reduce labor for one farmer and making it easy for him to look after many animals at once. Once they piglets are born they stay with their mother until they are 4 weeks old, then they are separated from their mother to be raised for slaughter in another den. And once her piglets are gone she is immediately impregnated again. These breeding pigs live about two-four years depending on their mating state.

Many people believe by reducing the amount of meat in our meals we can prevent pollution, end world hunger and save resources. Not only that doctors from around the world believe that we can avoid obesity and certain diseases such as heart problems, stroke and some types of cancer. Our choices on the dinner table have no longer just a local impact, their affects the globally on people, animals and the environment. The power to change the world is in our own hands.

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