Similarities And Differences In Story of an Hour Versus The Cask of Amontillado

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There are many similarities and differences in “Story of an Hour” by Chopin, which was an emotional path for the main character Louise Mallory. Who just lost her husband, while locked in her room she was expressing grieving at first, then a sense of freedom came over her. “The Cask of Amontillado'' by Poe, was a revengeful novel. The main character Montessori was ravaged against Fortunate. Fortunate insulted Montessori during a Carnival. Montessori led him to a catacombs, then burned him alive. These stories illustrated different settings and srtamsatndese. Both show expense of power and purpose, but there is a simmerialerty in the character's personality.

“Story of the hour” purpose was a reflection of Chopin's own opinions on the hardship of women's roles during this time. In addition to respecting their roles in marriage. “In Cask of amontillado”, this story is about a man who let their desires of revenge over power him. Including that the whole plot deals with the darkness of human nature. Although, Chopin noval shows the signifacters for women's rights. She demonstrated their desire for freedoms, unfortunately, denied to them. Consequently of the oppressive nature of marriage and, more predominantly, society. “The story of an hour” was settled during the late 19 century when women did not have the same rights as men. The historical setting of the story is significant and contributes regarding the antidemocratic of married women. Nevertheless, “Cask of amontillado” was seated in Italy during the carnival season. While Chopping idealized empowering women. Poe was forced on the evil in human nature. In Chopin, her main character was an Innocent while Peo's main character was the vile.

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Secondly, Both characters were narcissistic, selfish, and power-hungry. Louise Mallard was unsympathetic when delivered the news of her husband's death. Typically, the main character in a story mostly democrats good moral value and the characteristics of heroism. In most cases, the main characters are the ones that evoke empathy from the readers. Technically, although Montessori and Mrs. Both characters do not show heroism-like quality in these stories. Heroism is defined as greatly brave. While in the ‘story of an hour’ the main character show has sympathies about her loss and ‘cask of amontillado’ should have taken the high road. Both would have shown heroism.From the moment after hearing the news, she felt freedom rather than greiness, and had a revenge-hungry mind rather than having good morals. But at the end of both stories the main character has freedom and power over their lives.

In condition, while Story of the hour was a reflection of at that time, search for identity and the repressive nature of marriage. However, Cask of amontillado was a power hunger reargue story tower and man who insulted the wrong person. Chopin show a woman finally having power over her own life after death of her husband, while Peo shows an man having all the power and by using death for revenge.

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