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Situation With ISIS In Australia

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ISIS is the largest terrorist group in today’s world trying to use fear to spread their radical and backward ideologies and beliefs. ISIS brainwashes a few young vulnerable people into thinking what they are doing is a just fight and over the years has driven a handful number of young people to leave their country to go to Syria to join them. A Canadian, Mohammed Ali from Mississauga, left Canada and became a member of ISIS a few years ago. Ali wants to come home to be repatriated and to live a normal life again.

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People seem to be divided on this issue on what to do with Canadian members of the ISIS group. Many believe they should be dealt with in Canada and others believe they should just stay in Syria and be dealt with over there. I believe the Canadian government should just leave this man and others like him in Syria and let them face the consequences of their actions. However, as there might be some legal issues and the constitutional act, he would most likely have to return to Canada to be dealt with. If and when Mohammed Ali returns to Canada he should be put on trial and be charged with treason. Justin Trudeau the prime minister of Canada who’s probably has the most lenient views towards this group of people stated ‘These are people who’ve come from various places around the world — in the case of North America, abandoning the comfortable confines of free and open democracies to go halfway around the world to engage with terrorist, and repatriating them is not a priority”. Justin Trudeau agrees that Ali betrayed his country and that he should not have the right to be repatriated since he knew the consequences. In the Canadian Criminal Code states anyone who commits treason and participates in activity of a terrorist group can be charged with life in prison. Ali admits joining ISIS and acting as a fighter. There’s a record of him using Twitter to incite others to commit violent attacks against civilians and recruiting others to join the group. Goodale the minister of safety stated ‘While every Canadian citizen — no matter how reprehensible — has the legal right to ‘re-enter’ Canada, the Government of Canada has no legal obligation to facilitate their return”. Allowing Ali to come back sets a dangerous precedent that threatens the democracy and livelihood of our nation. I can just imagine how every teenager whose life get a bit challenging having to follow rules and have some sort of discipline might decide to just take off and go where there are no laws and they would welcome them at least for a short while until they become a liability to them. Instead of reacting to their emotions, they need to stop and think over their decisions and how they might have to live with it for the rest of their lives instead of just bailing out once the going gets hard and then expect to run back to their safety zone as they please. They should know that people are not going to welcome them with open arms and as cliché as it might sound; ‘they made their bed and should lie in it’. If somehow they manage to survive and make a better person out of themselves, that’s great and they still have a place they can live in but it shouldn’t automatically be the country that they betrayed and left behind. They need to know how law and order compel us to respect laws and then we are entitled to the rights that are afforded to us, including enjoying the privileges that we have as Canadian citizens. If Canada truly stands for multiculturalism, then we must be firm and take a principled stand to prosecute those have fought with ISIS, including our own citizens. Based on reading articles we can’t even know whether they’re lying and playing the regret card just to get back to Canada and perhaps intend on continuing with their backward radical ideologies. Therefore, I believe Mohammed Ali shouldn’t have the right to be repatriated since we never know that they won’t go on to become even a bigger threat.

In Australia they have to have prior permission from the government to travel to places like Syria before they can go and I think Canadian government could benefit from imposing the same rule. This could then help Canada be aware that if anything will come their way, they should already know what to do far in advance of and not having to deal with so much controversy around this subject.

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