Slavery In The US: A Wedge Between Races

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African Americans for decades have been confuted from humanity, refused the right to a normal life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness as a direct result of racism birthed by slavery. Slavery was once seen as a way of life in the colonial era when white people felt that it was necessary for economic growth and power. Slavery has created a wedge between races where whites were seen as superior over the black race which ultimately implanted a since of entitlement within the white community. Due to the permanent lines between races, racism has invaded our everyday lives. There is a great part of society that would love to believe racism ceased when slavery was abolished, but it is evident that racism is still alive and booming. In 2013 the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois conducted a study that included 100, 676 traffic stops that were performed by the Chicago Police Department. The analysis showed that black people make up one third of Chicago’s population and 46% of the traffic stops, white people made of 32 percent of the population with 27% of the traffic stops. Black drivers are arrested more often than whites during traffic stops even though illegal drugs are found most often in the vehicles of caucasians. Most people view the Chicago Police Department tactics as a direct reaction of increasing violence involving black people being the offender. Unfair handling of the black race during the slave era tackled with today’s manifested prejudice has brought on police racial profiling and bias behavior of white police officers against blacks.

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Slavery meant that humans were being treated as property and deprived of any personal rights, but before slavery there was indentured servants. Servants worked under a legal contract where they typically worked four to seven years in exchange for passage, room, board, lodging and freedom dues they were protected under the law. Although the indentured servants had rights they were still violated by their employer. Female servants would often be forced to have sex (raped) and impregnated by the men they worked for just as in slavery. This type of behavior brought on the idea of human sex trafficking within today’s society. The transport of humans against their will is the framework of modern day slavery. It is a very lucrative billion dollar illegal industry that have denied many people their freedom around the world. Slaves and servants were treated very harshly. The trafficking of humans include sex, child and labor trafficking.

Sex trafficking happens to women and children of all nationalities in countries all around the world. The United States has become the source and passage country. It has been labeled as one of the top harbors for victims of trafficking. Women and children are kidnapped and forced to have unwanted sex with men sometimes every thirty minutes. They may be drugged and beaten by these individuals frequently to keep them under constant control. Labor trafficking is another form of plantation slavery. Free blacks would be kidnapped and become property of slave masters forced to work on plantations for twelve plus hours daily. Slaves produced new consumer goods - sugar, tobacco, coffee that encouraged more intense work patterns (Post, 2012). Labor trafficking is about manufacturing goods at a higher rate, for poor or no pay to the workers. In 2012 the United States Justice Department released a Trafficking in Persons Report that showed that migrant laborers in San Diego County trafficking victimization appeared to be rampant among unauthorized Spanish - speaking immigrants with an estimate of 30% of the population being labor trafficking victims ( National Institute of Justice, 2016). Some of these victims where either kidnapped or sold by parents who are living in poverty.

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