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Ted Bundy And How Biological Evidence From Bite Marks Helped Convict Him

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To many people he is a serial killer, whereas others would term him as a charming and good-looking young man. Some people also applaud his intellect, the judge who announced his death sentence mentioned that he was a very intellectual and a witty law student. Although the estimated number of young girls and women he killed is 30, the exact number remains unknown. The actual number is debatable since in many occasions, he claimed that he might have killed more than that. He used different ways to murder his victims from breaking into their homes at night or even in public using calculated moves. Ted Bundy kept his victim’s personal property or their severed heads for commemoration. This paper highlights his life and how biological evidence from bite marks helped convict him.

No one is born a serial killer .However; ted Bundy early life could have contributed enormously to his wicked ways. No one knows exactly when he first committed his first murder but it is estimated to be when he was in his early twenties. Having been born in 2 November 1946, he was told that his mother was his sister; he was later raised by his grandparents, until his mother moved to a new relationship and gave birth to other four children. Growing up he regarded himself as a social outcast and did not value social interactions. In spite of being involved in petty crimes at a young age and being arrested, this did not necessarily raise a red flag about his later life.

After high school, Bundy proceeded to University of Phughet Sound and university of Washington. Where he majored in Chinese. He fell in love with a lady named Stephanie Brooks. In 1968, he began to loose focus in his academics after his relatives confirmed his suspicions on his parentage. He learnt that the person he had always known as his sister was actually his mother. He dropped out of university of Washington and later rejoined to study psychology; he cleared and got to work with suicide hotline in Seattle. This time he was in a relationship with Elizabeth kloepfer .In 1972, he joined the law school at the University of Phughet. He dropped a few months later and began his life as a serial killer.

No one really knows who Bundy’s first victim was. Due his reputation and confessions, he is suspected of a number of murders he likely had nothing to do with, including one that took place when he was only 14 years old. However, he was definitely stalking, raping, and murdering women by 1974, having carefully studied and mastered the techniques he knew he would need to get away with his crimes. (Simpson, 2016)

Bundy was arrested in 1976 over several accounts of murder, where police had launched a manhunt and intensive investigations from the FBI but he later escaped on the new year’s eve of 1977. Elizabeth kloepfer recalls how Bundy could sneak out at the middle of the night and how he could find him with weird thing in his car, which he used to kill the innocent young girls and women. His victims were mainly female college students with long parted hair in the middle. He approached disguising himself as a man with an injured arm, with crutches and a briefcase. He would then ask his victims to help him carry the briefcase to his Volkswagen car before killing them.

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Investigators have used biological evidence like blood types, sperm samples and bite marks to assist their investigations in curbing criminal activities. For the first time in Florida courts bite mark evidence was used to secure a conviction. In early 1978, Ted Bundy murdered two young girls, Lisa Levy and Martha Bowman . Marks on the buttock and breast of one of the young women were identified as bite marks, one having sufficient detail for the forensic dentist to link the injury to Bundy. This compelling dental evidence helped secure a conviction (Hinchliffe, 2011).

Lisa levy was raped, strangled and later beaten on the head whereas Martha Bowman was strangled and beaten on the head. The murder weapon was not found since Bundy had left the room clean. Blood and sperm samples collected at the crime scene was also not able to provide sufficient evidence for conviction. Biological evidence discovery later became the key evidence, Lisa had odd bites in her breast and left buttock. Photographs were taken for analysis. The unique the indentation marks were outlined and showed how it matched the dental impressions of Bundy’s teeth. Doctor outlined the structure of the unique alignment, the chips, the size of the teeth, and the sharpness factors of the bicuspids, lateral, and incisor teeth.

This evidence was found to be the best the prosecutor had. The verdict was called, and Ted Bundy was sentenced guilty. His own dental impression helped convict him and sent him to the electric chair. Ted Bundy’s bite-mark case was first case in Florida’s legal history that relied on bite-mark testimony, also the first time that a physical piece of evidence actually liked Bundy with one of his numerous crimes.

No one would ever imagine that Ted Bundy an aggressive, good-looking law student would be a killer. He did not have the profile of a killer. He was good at concealing evidence in almost all instances the murder weapon could not be found at the crime scenes. Furthermore, some of the bodies of his victims were not found until months later. Even the DNA recovered from the crime scenes could not match his! (Ramsland,2004).What motivated Ted Bundy to be brutal remains a mystery, no one understands why such a young bright man decided to be a killer of young women.

In conclusion, biological evidence such as bite mark analysis should be employed as it provides useful information that help convict criminals in court. Bite marks evidence if collected, analyzed and interpreted well can be very instrumental in conviction. Ted Bundy’s case was not ordinary; it became the first to be solved based on bite marks analysis. For sure, he will be remembered as one of the horrifying serial killers ever.


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