The Chrysalids of Whydham: Stagnation and Fear of Unknown in Waknuk Society

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David lived is unfortunate that things do not conform to the so-called standard would be considered evil species, plant, animal or person, once do not conform to the standard will be marginalized and even killed, the concept of people's ignorance and complacent for David. Now is a cruel blow and depression. But there is no lack of love in life, he met Sophie family, their love and different ideas let David's heart retain a trace of warmth. In the first chapter, various sharp contrasts are used to set off the ignorance of the old ideas and ridicule the ignorance of the old ideas.

People's fear of the unknown is just like people in David's hometown, they are mentally stagnant and only have a denial attitude towards everything new. While young David was busy working on the farm with his family, he had time to learn new things with curiosity. He accepted Sophie with six toes. When David had to betray Sophie, he told Sophie to his family, and Sophie's family was forced to flee. Ignorant people are too harsh, do not allow crops to produce abnormal, do not allow animals to look strange, the novel uses a variety of methods of ridicule, with a variety of funny and incredible story more warned people, how ignorant is complacent, they do not believe in modern advanced technology, but one day will be out of date.

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Here, I also more firmly believe that people should be rational, need to constantly learn, people should not stick to the inherent thinking, but like David with a creative and constantly challenging mind, only in this way, people will overcome fear, overcome the past. In the conflict between the two sides, looks for the principle of inner love and chooses the right one. He accepts Sophie like David and confesses with her. Such a belief is worth keeping and worth having. Maybe this is not acceptable, but all the great men in history grew up in this kind of adversity, they always stick to their original intention, dare to innovate, dare to challenge the unknown, this process may be confused, may be faced with many obstacles, but after the storm, there will be success. As is the case in societies where there is too much control, defeat often comes from within, and this may well be the case in Waknuk.

The vivid irony of this novel vividly warns people that they should have a positive attitude towards life and constantly bring forth new ideas. But the old ideas are hard to break down and call on rational people to stand up and dare to find and change people. Lag behind is not terrible, terrible is not to know the change, system change, dynasty change will keep pace with. The Times, here, also need the hero to save people. As Darwin said, natural selection, the survival of the fittest, species will evolve, when the evolution of things is seen as blasphemy against the dignity of God, then people are not far from extinction. Children like David need to be recognized, and his hometown needs more people like David to stand up and change the world, to recognize the world.

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