The Effects Of Family And Society On The Main Character In The Book Black Boy

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In this novel “ Black boy “ has an main character, Richard Wright. In this novel he’s reflecting on his childhood experiences and how some events affected him mentally, physically and emotionally. He tells the readers how he was influenced in life and how society impacted him. His family and peers of course had and major impact on his life and he shares how his childhood made him who he is today.

In the novel , Richard is very particular with his words, As I mentioned previously his family really impacted his childhood in the worst ways. For example in the text he says “ I lost consciousness. I was beaten out my senses and later found myself in bed , screaming , determined to run away , tussling .. “ page 7. This quote shows how he was treated growing up and why he ended up being the way he is now. Like us all the way our guardian raised us we more than likely will grow up to be the way we were raised which Richard is becoming.

Richard grew up having to fight just to fit in and not continue to get picked on by his peers. In the text he says “ knowing that if I did not win or make a good showing I would have to fight a new boy each day .. “ page 92. Richard knew if he didn’t stand up for his self he would have his peers picking fights with him each and every day. This just shows how society affects the way he grew up and it also shows him gaining self respect and strength without support from family.

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After Richard gained respect from his peers he states “ having grown taller and older , I now associated with the older boys and I had to pay for my admittance into their company by subscribing to certain racial statements “ page 78. This shows how Richard has grown older and realized that in order to fit in he must let go over some self respect and now has to follow the stereotypes the boys gave him as an black man.

This relates because when you have an supportive family you would know you shouldn’t have to lower your self in order to fit in.

In conclusion if Ricard was raised based on love and care , not abuse and trauma , he more than likely wouldn’t want to fit in which means he wouldn’t have to fight each and every day. If he did have to fight atleast it would be for his self respect and not because he wanted to fight in.

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