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The Effects of Violating Social Norms

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In each society, there are social norms that are aligned in the community for the members to abide by. There are some unwritten rules on how one should conduct themselves in public. Once the norm is broken, individuals may respond to it by alarm, amazement, irritation, or a set of other emotions. In psychological terms, the term relates to a standard representative value for a group of people. Therefore when reflecting on personal scenarios in which I had violated some virtues, I realized that I had an instance in a cafeteria to build on.

In my accord, I once jumped over the queue when purchasing some fast foods in the cafeteria. Some of the members who were present included my fellow course mates, and the rest were continuing students within the school. The violation of the norm was about trying to pave the way to the front and thus termed the waiting list as being unfair. I was in a hurry to attend an afternoon class; therefore, I opted to violate the standard code of conduct. At that particular moment, I was not keen to ponder on what I was doing, only to realize later that I had done something wrong by jumping the line. Though it was my first instance, it had stuck in my memory for as long as I can recall.

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A cafeteria is set up to ensure that individuals receive hospitality equally and timely as per their expectations. The queuing norm is set in place to enhance formality and ensure that order prevails in the scene. The linear waiting system is also an indication of equality and respect for all customers who happen to be part of the food buying cohort in each given hour. As such, abiding by the norm propels the functionality and efficiency in handling customers high and cements the use of queue systems in business entities.

After executing the unethical conduct, I was quick to notice some reactions from the colleagues on the line since everything could be seen from their faces. I failed to empathize with their situation, but I owed them an apology to be relayed in the future. Some individuals were unable to hide their disappointments, and they could openly gnash to indicate their inability to persevere in my ill-conduct. Others raised the alarm to the security officer in charge, and I was forced to lie that I was fetching food for a sick friend. However, the most intriguing of all was the laughter that clouded the air from some youths who observed how fearfull my face and eyes were when jumping over the queue.

Summarily, choosing to be on the wrong side of life is an awful idea, and it should not be settled for by anybody willing to preserve their integrity. The instance in the cafeteria was one to remember, and I realized that there is no satisfaction in violating the social norms. Conventional morality is an aspect set in place to structure how society behaves, and in most cases, the standards looked into are friendly to humanity. Business premises dealing with the public are always keen to deliver the best with the right procedures in place. Therefore, it is wise to settle for a life that will convince your conscience and fail to judge it daily.

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