The Ku Klux Klan and Civil Rights Movement: Analytical Essay

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The Ku Klux Klan is a hate group that goes aganist multiple ways of life like being gay, being a color that isnt white, and certain religion. Beginning in the civil war by a few generals. Being very well known throughout the public knowledge they’ve stayed a very stable group without much issue of being taken down, although they avoid being caught by meeting in public places or members home. They were private before the civil rights movement, but during the event they became very public and they helped influence the public into wanting to give the african americans rights. After the civil rights movement the Ku Klux Klan fell in members as people who was in it was looked down upon. Although it being looked there are still thousands of members today in modern society who still hate certain races and sexualities. They still try to recruit members to this day by fliers and giving out “kandy” in order to get to young adults, teens, and children to join the klan and send their message to other people(Sevcik J. KKK giving out “kandy” to recruit new members in South Carolina). The law hasn't always been against the KKK they would help them in stopping the african americans during the civil rights movements. Now this doesn't mean they all were part of the kkk as the were just doing what they were told to do while some other officers had other motives. With the klan still being active and thriving there small in number and is slowing being outlawed to be in the klan and join in their activities. With hiding there's activities have become extremely hard nowadays because of technology.

The Ku Klux Klan was formed 1861/ during the civil war. “The klan was first formed by six Confederate generals in Pulaski, Tennessee on December 24, 1865” ( Ku Klux Klan). When they began they said the reconstruction of the government was dangerous and suppressive. Because of that they planned to overthrow the government so they could make it the way they wanted. With this happening they became illegal in states from the Carolinas to Arkansa. In order to get their message across they would dress up in white outfits and terrorize the colors if they attempted to do anything they thought they shouldn't. This tactic failed as it did not give the reactions they were hoping for because of the horrible things they did towards colored people. A secret convention was held for the klan in Nashville, Tennessee in order to create new class and ranks so they could show who had the most autocratic power. The ranks go as Grand Wizard is first command, second is Grand Dragon, third is Grand Titan, fourth is Grand Giant, fifth is Grand Cyclops, sixth is Grand Magi, seventh is Grand Monk, eighth is Grand Exchequer, ninth is Grand Turk, tenth is Grand Scribe, eleventh is Grand Sentinel, twelfth is the staff, and thirteen is the removal; he is the one who will take the place if any is removed from the “Ku Klux Klan”(KKK is as easy abc). From 1868 to 1870 during the time federal troops occupied the area started replacing democratic with radical regimes in order to have more power over the south. A local group called the Klaverns started becoming more uncontrollable and dangerous that the Grand Wizard at the time former General Nathan B. Forrest disbanded the klan in 1869. Same time during that year the president called for the members of the klan to disband and disarm, some didn't do it so hundreds of klansman were arrested. The remained of Klaverns slowly faded away as the rights of colored people became more accepted in society while this wouldn't be the end of the klan as they would return in 1915 (ku klux klan).

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The klan returned after disbanding in 1915. The person who brought the klan back together was Colonel William Simmons. During World War one society was at an imbalance, some was of fear others was realization of new power. The Klan spread fast through the states. The states were Colorado, Oregan, Kanasa, Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylviania, and New Jersey”kkk”. The Klan preachered white supremacy and down upon illegal aliens, non-protesters, liberals, They went after the Roman Catholic church. The klan would use scare tactic to scare the modern society by burning cross. They would also kidnapped, flogged, and mutiled many people. In some communities the klan was helped by local police. In 1924 the klan was at its most powerful it was said they have three million members in the klan. Then during the mid 1920s the klan fell apart as corrupt power with the leaders, internal conflict, and alleged klan immorality and violence badly damage the klan “kkk”. This would cause the klan to fall down into few thousand members left. The klan continue to do there legal act of terroism up to World War two. They were still very small in the south and active with there message. The klan joined a German-American bund, it would allow them to threaten the blacks with punishment if they tried to vote. They join this group while the nazi government was holding a ralley at Camp Nordland, New Jersey. After the US joined the war the klan slowed down their activities . Then in 1944 they it disbanded formally unable because they were unable to pay their taxes. But after the war they reformed in 1947 and keep going with their activities. Although it did not last long as the unity broke down and competing units did not last long enough to land on the government watch list(KKK) .

Their activity would spike once more during the civil rights movement. There were about five thousand members at the time. So they could meet they would have to do it in secret. They would go to members houses, bars or clubs they would also hold secret conventions. The Klan wasn't always at every attack at the colors but rather their influence was there showing the effects of the hate they spread through the years. Then the civil rights movement began. Rosa Parks refused to give her seat up. Then the Montgomery Bus boycott happen and this became the first step for colored people to lead to get rights. Then Little Rock Nine happened, that was when nine black students enter the first integrated school. Then the freedom riders began to go around the states. On May 14th they were traveling through Carolina, then there bus was attacked tires cut and bombed. The riders were arrested and beaten. Then the Birmingham Demonstration happen what happened there was someone blew up a bomb and it killed four innocent choir girls. With all these events that had happened Martin Luthor King Jr lead a march on Washington. This is the very event where he gave his iconic speech “I have a dream”. This speech sparked the change for rights for the colored. Then in 1964 President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act into law which this act would end of discrimination based on race, color, religion, or national origin. It would also allow everyone attended one school and not two sepreate ones. But their fight never ended they would continue to spread their message across the states. By doing this would result in the Malcome X Assassination, Selma Montgomery March, the Watts Riot, Detriot Riot, and would end up with the Assassination of Martin Luthor King Jr. While he was doing a nonviolent demonstration a sniper shot him through the head killing him. With his death it would set riots in hundred of cities. Congress would make april llth to remember king. There's nothing that says the klan did any of theses actions but rather from their past actions from all the hate they carried through the years it helps contribute to the hatred during this time and would spread of hate and violence against these peaceful protest as good people fought for something they always deserved ( Civil Rights Movement timeline).

While discrimation was eliminated this would not stop the klan they would continue their fight against people who are not white to not to get rights. Years later there fight continues while they are now looked down upon unlike back before the movement. They would lead to inspirations like skinheads and Neo Nazis. Then also there actions would lead to radical actions by members of society who aren't even in the klan. Then there's statues of the members of the klan that cause marches to get taken down. Then in other parts of the world human traffing and slavery is still down, we could do something but theres no way we could ever spot who and wheres it happening. The current location of the klan is unknown but there still out there doing there things spreading hate to people who do not deserve it and teaching young to hate people who aren't all bad. Then there spread of hate is still seen through social media as the influence of their hate keeps going through big content creators who then spread this to kids. While not all creators do it on purpose, it's just a simple slip up in talking then there's actual people say it knowing what the true meaning is but conutiens. The klan's power is still out there too this day even though it might not be them it still happens. The world is still full of hate and there's nothing we can do about except help those people look at the world differently and help them do the right thing and let the world become equal. The world is a dark place but yet the light is still there and not every person is bad and we need to allow the light to shine of good deed and allow the world to become bright and peaceful to help everything to become good as that's what the world needs now not the spread of hate like what the klan does but by letting the good of the world come out the world might just become a better place

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