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The Life Of Ted Bundy

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Theodore Robert Bundy also known and better known as Ted Bundy the imfiness America serial killer. Bundy committed countless crimes from theft and peeping, all the way to the kidnapping, rape, and murder of at least 36 young women. Ted also managed to escape from prison not once but twice. Ted Bundy was an outstandly brilliant person, it is too bad he used his smarts to carry out mass crimes rather than help the world for the good.

Theodore Robert Bundy was born on November 24, 1946, in Burlington, Vermont. Ted was the son to Eleanor Louise Cowel, whom many called Louise. Louise gave birth to Ted at age 22 out of wedlock. Therefore he grew up in the shame of his mother's sins, as a “illegitimate child.” The identity of Ted’s biological father is unclear and may never be known. Yet many believe it could be Lloyd Marshall or Jack Worthington or even possibly his grandfather, Samuel Cowell. Ted and Louise moved to Philadelphia and he was adopted by his grandparents in hopes to hide what had happened. Growing up Ted was told his mother was actually his sister. A couple years later Ted moved with his mom to Tacoma, Washington. Soon Louise married Johnnie Bundy and he became Ted’s stepfather. Although Ted took his last name, he seemed to think very little of Johnnie. It is safe to say that just like many other perpetrators of the law Ted did not have a good father figure to look up to. Statistics say that children who lived in a fatherless home are 50% more likely to commit a crime.

As a toddler Ted became fascinated with knives. Through his school days he made good grades yet he did not do well socially. Then in his teenage years, Bundy’s evil started to show as he would often steal and peep into others windows, especially that of young women as they

changed. Ted attended the University of Washington where he earned his degree in psychology. He graduated in 1972. While in college Bundy fell for a pretty girl with long dark hair. After their breakup Ted was extremely devastated. Later on most of Bundy’s victims would resemble her. In the early 1970’s Ted transformed himself into the ideal American man. Becoming more confident outwardly, along with being more prominent in both social and political activities. Bundy was accepted into law school in Utah in 1972, however he never earned his degree. Due to the fact that was when he started his murdering spree.

Ted Bundy most likely started his rampage around 1974. Bundy would lure young women into his tan 1968 Volkswagen Beetle by pretending to be hurt and asked for their help, their kindness causing the death of them. From there Ted would push them in his car kidnapping them. Bundy’s kills were very gruesome and included the rape and beating of victims before their eventual death. What Ted did after is arguably worse. Bundy was a necrophiliac, meaning he was sexually attracted and commited sexual acts with his dead bodies of his victims. After killing his victims he would return to their bodies, brush their hair, along with apply makeup to their face, and have sex with them. Bundy also decapitated 12 known victims. Ted confessed to the murders of 36 young women across multiple states including Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Idaho, and Florida in the 1970’s. Although in his confessions he never said “I,” he always said “the killer” and describe detailed descriptions of the crimes. Louise, like most loving mothers, only saw the best in her son. Refusing to believe the alleged charges against him, but later changed her mind after he confessed. Experts believe the true total of Bundy’s victims may be closer to 100 or even more. The actual number may never be known.

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Ted Bundy ramage is believed to have started in Seattle, Washington. Experts say that Bundy’s first victim was 18 year old Karen Sparks, a University of Washington State student. Sparks was attacked by Bundy in her sleep on January 4, 1974. After going into Karen’s basement bedroom, Bundy tore a rod from her bed frame and began beating her with it. Then he rammed the metal rod into her vagina. Sparks is one of the lucky ones though as she managed to survive after her 10 day coma and had no memory of the attack. Teds next victim was 21-year old Lynda Ann Healey. Healey also attended the University of Washington State and was very well liked as she gave the weather report at a local radio station. This time Bundy took the extra key from her mailbox and bludgeoned her. Then changed her out of her pajamas and into fresh clothes, all while she was unconscious. Ted then inserted himself into the investigation by calling the police and said the person who killed Karen Sparks was the same person that took Lynda Healey. Donna Gail Mason, a 19 year old, was killed on her way to a campus concert at Evergreen State College. Her body was never found yet, Ted later admitted to killing her and burning her skull in his girlfriend’s, Elizabeth Klopfer, fireplace. Susan Elaine Rancount was 18 years old and went to Central Washington State College. She unlike Bundy’s other victims, was blond haired and blue eyed. No one really knows what happened but after a massive search. They discovered that other students remember being approached by a man named Ted with his arm in a sling. Bundy then moved his ramage to Oregon where first killed Roberta Kathleen Parks. She was taken between her school, Oregon State, and a coffee shop. Her body was later found with many others on Taylor Mountain in Washington. Brenda Ball and Georgann Hawkins were also that of Bundy’s victims. Both of them were last seen talking to a man with some type of handicap. In July 1974 Bundy took two girls in broad daylight in the same day from Lake Sammamish State Park, both Janice Ott and Denise Naslun. A witness reported that they saw a man with his left arm in a sling ask a woman for help with a sailboat. When she said yes Ted lead her to the car, by the time she realized there was no sailboat it was too late. Nancy Wilcox was a 16 year old cheerleader who vanished in October 1974, and was last seen riding in a Volkswagen Bug. After Bundy offered Rhonda Stapley a ride, he took her to Big Cottonwood Canyon. There he repeatedly raped and strangled her. She was only able to escape when Bundy turned his back to her and she ran for her life to a nearby river. Ted even posed as a police office, named “Rosewood.” Carol DaRonch was walking around a mall and was approached by “Officer Rosewood” telling her that her car was broken into and needed to come with him down to the station. She willingly went with him then realized what was happening. She broke out of the car despite both the handcuffs and gun to the head, and finding a couple driving nearby. Debi Kent was abducted a few hours later, but this time Bundy dropped the key matching the handcuffs found on DaRonch in the parking lot. Her parents still to this day leave the porch light on for her. Bundy continued killing in Janaury 1975 as he murder many young women in Colorado and Idaho then he came back to Utah. Ted then moved his rage to Florida when he escaped from prison. The murders and beatings at the Chi Omega sorority at Florida State University are his most gruesome. First Ted walked into Margeret Bowman’s room hitting and killing her with a piece of firewood. Bundy proceeded into Lisa Levy’s room. There he beat, strangled, tore one of her nipples off, deeply bit into her left butt cheek, and using a bottle of hairspray raped her. Then Bundy beat both Karen Chandler and Kathy Kleiner with a club yet both survived but suffered permanent damage. After that Ted went on to beat Cheryl Thomas. Although she survived it the attack left her permanently deaf and ended her dance career. Lastly Bundy killed 12 year old Kimberly Leach.

In 1975 while attending the University of Utah, Bundy was pulled over by police. The police searched his 1968 Volkswagen Beetle and Ted was arrested for the possession of a crowbar, face mask, rope, and handcuffs. He was then linked to many more sinister crimes. Again in 1975 Bundy was arrested but this time for the kidnapping of Carol DaRonch, a young Colorado women that managed to escape. Ted was convicted and received a 1-15 year sentence. Ted somehow managed to escape from prison not once but twice. The first time Bundy jumped out of a courthouse library widow, while he was acting as his own lawyer. Bundy roamed free for eight days and then was captured by police. Ted escaped the second time by crawling out of a hole he made in his prison cell. In order to fit through the small opening, Ted had to lose more than 30 pounds. Bundy then made his way to Tallahassee, Florida. Where he broke in and attacked four girls, then killing two of them at Florida State University’s Chi Omega sorority house on January 14, 1978. Also on January 9, 1978 Ted kidnapped and killed 12 year old Kimberly Leach. This marked the end of Bundy’s rampage as he was pulled over by police the next month.

The biggest single piece of evidence prosecutors had against Bundy was the bite marks authorities found on the bodies of the sorority sisters, as that matched that of Bundy’s. Ted’s cleverness, charm, and attractiveness allured the media making him like that of a celebrity during his trail. Bundy was convicted for the murder of the two Chi Omega girls and given the death sentence twice as punishment. He received yet another death sentence for the kidnapping and killing of Kimberly Leach. Bundy attempted to take his case all the way to the Supreme Court but was denied. Ted fought against the crimes placed on him but was found guilty. He spent nine years on Florida’s death row appealing his death sentence. Bundy even managed to buy time as he offered information on multiple unsolved murders. Yet justice was served on January 24, 1989 at about 7:00am in Florida State Prisons electric chair, known as “Old Sparky.” Bundy was said to have died with a smile on his face. As crowds cheered and set fireworks after Ted was executed. Before he died he stated that his wishes were to be cremated and have his ashes scattered in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. Where he murdered many of his victims.

In 1969 Bundy met a young single mother named Elizabeth Kloepfer. Elizabeth and Ted started their six year long relationship in a Seattle bar. Elizabeth had problems of her own as she struggled with alcoholism. When Kloepfer became suspicious of Bundy’s whereabouts and behavior, he used his charm to ease her. Finally Elizabeth called the police concerning Ted but they did not believe her. She later went back with evidence. When she found out all that Bundy had done she ended things with him. Bundy later called her from jail telling her he had tried to kill her. After Elizabeth, Ted then moved on to Carole Boone who he met many years ago from working together. Bundy proposed to Boone in a courtroom in front of a judge during a phase of his trail. Boone said yes making it a legal marriage in the state of Florida. Together they had a daughter named Rose Bundy in 1982. Not much is known about Rose today. Carole divorced Ted three years before his execution when she realized he really was guilty.

While researching my serial killer, Ted Bundy, one of the most interesting things I learned was that although yes Bundy was a serial killer. In college he also worked at a suicide hotline in Seattle. So while he did hurt and kill numerous amount of young women, he helped save many lives. Seattle Police Department nominated Ted for the director of the Seattle Crime Prevention Advisory Committee.


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