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The Peculiarities Of Pope John Paul II Work

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Pope John Paul ll has a variety of different beliefs about abortion. In his reading he lists belief which align with the church. Paul II also has scientific background to prove his case that abortion should not be used. Paul talks about the reasons why abortion is bad and who are likely to be blamed. The pope also gives out when a fetus is considered a human. The fetus is a human from conception to birth. Paul gives a list of reasons on the innocence of the fetus, who should be blamed, individuality of the fetus, abortion in the sacred texts, the potentiality of being a human, excommunication, murder in abortion, law of god, and using embryos for biomedical research,

Abortion’s true nature is hidden with the widespread use of ambiguous terminology. Accepting abortion is a sign of a moral issue which is extremely dangerous. It becomes clearer to figure out what is evil and good in abortion, when a life is in jeopardy. Abortion to the pope means that direct killing of a human being to whatever means it’s carried out by, from the beginning phase to the end of its life, which goes way back from the conception of the fetus to the birth of it.

The pope gives an outline of how and why the fetus is an innocent being. Murder is to be considered when abortion is taking place. The human being’s life is taken out at the very first stages of its life when abortion is taken place, which is innocent. The thing that cannot be considered unjust or an aggressor is the one whose life is being taken. A fetus does not have a way to defend itself, is weak, and can’t even cry when it’s being attacked. The fetus is relying on the mother to take care of itself. Yet the one who makes the decision to abort the fetus is the mother herself.

The mother does have part of the blame according to the pope. The pope lists some organizations and professions that should also be blamed to abortion. The people that the pope listed to be blamed is the father, wider family circle, friends, doctors, nurses, legislators, international institutions, foundations, and associations. The first person to be blamed is the father. The father could be blamed because he could pressure the woman to abort the fetus, and also could indirectly pressure the woman by not being there and leaving the woman to decide about the pregnancy. The other people to be blamed are the “wider family circle and friends’ because most often than not she feels psychological pressure and strong pressure to get an abortion. The third group of people that are responsible are the nurses and doctors because they are responsible for promoting life, and yet work on putting a being to death. The fourth group of people to be responsible are the legislators. The legislators have an impact because they are ultimately the ones that can change laws on abortion. The fifth and sixth group of people to be responsible are the international institutions and the foundations and associations because they are the ones who have the ability to legalize abortion throughout the world. Another group of people that should be blamed is the people who have sexual desires and act on those desires without having any regard for motherhood.

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The individuality of fetus is talk about by the pope Paul. Pope talks about how when the fertilized ovum has a life of its own and this life is not of the mother’s or the fathers. This fetus has a life of its own and has the potential to grow. If the fetus has potential to be human, then it already is human is pope Paul’s view. The pope accepts the fetus is not a human if it were not human in the first place. The pope talks about a fetus being a human from the genetic point of view. The basis for Pope’s view on that a fetus is a human from the conception of birth is when he agrees with the magistrate of the church that when the result of human reproduction, from the first moment of life has to be given total respect that is morally due to a human being. Therefore the pope agrees that from the moment of conception the fetus is a human to be respected which is also the undeniable right of every innocent human being. Modern genetic science has proven that characteristics of an individual human person is already laid out from the first instant that there is a recognized programme about what a living human being should be. When the zygote and ovum fertilize that is when a life of human begins, and there is a required time for this human being to find its own way and be in a position to act on its own. The Pope talks about how even if the soul cannot be proven by scientific means, the results of scientific study in human embryo is a good way to reason on how personal presence when the start of appearance arise in a human being, that it could not be a human person itself.

The Pope talks about abortion relating to the “sacred texts “on which he admits himself that nowhere in the sacred texts says that abortion directly is prohibited, but says no one should be killed. The pope talks about excommunication from the Christian tradition and that abortion is a serious crime that can lead to excommunication. The pope says that excommunication also affects the people who have any responsibility of carrying abortion and is not just the mother who carries the burden of blame.

The Pope talks about that abortion is counted as a murder which is the worst moral decision in the matter if making it as a means or an end, because it is direct killing of someone who is innocent. The pope then goes on about law of god. The pope believes that a law can never make a just action which is already unjust action itself. Because in very human heart it is written that it goes against the law of god, which is a view held by the church and pope Paul.

Lastly, the pope goes on to talk about how using embryos for biomedical research is wrong. The pope goes to say that even if carrying out this research could potentially save lives is wrong because it is killing of innocent beings. These widespread killing of embryo in a biomedical research is conduction legally in a few centuries. While carrying out Procedures on a human embryos, respect and the life and integrity must be held , but are rather involved in healing , improving the health of it, and its survival. A fetus or human embryo just has any right any child that’s born, which is the as any other person. Even if it’s for improving life and health using fetuses or embryo for biomedical experimentation is a major crime.

The pope also talks about prenatal testing which can possible indicate any abnormalities in the fetus. According to the pope it is okay to do prenatal testing if it’s for making possible therapy with the intention of keeping the child that’s not born yet. Since the possibly of using prenatal testing for therapy is low, it commonly happens that prenatal testing is used with a eugenic intention in which abortion is agreed upon in order to avoid a child’s birth that is affected by an abnormality. The pope says that this is a really shameful act since it assumes that human life in the selection of being normal and healthy, which opens that path to infanticide.

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