The Versions Of Amelia Earhart Disappearance

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Amelia Earhart was born in Atchison, KS on July 7th, 1897. She had always been into activities for both genders more than the usual, just for girls’ hobbies growing up. After her graduation, she was a nurse’s aid in Toronto during World War I. In 1920 she took her first plane ride with her dad; he was a pilot and navigator himself but also an alcoholic. After this ride, Amelia knew right away that she wanted to become a pilot herself.

Amelia took her first flying lesson in 1921, during her lessons she had some trouble learning. It took her about a year to become an independent pilot. 1928, she crossed the Atlantic Ocean via air. This was suggested by Frederick Noonan, whom she later got married to. Although this was not a solo event for her, she did receive an award, “Heroism or extraordinary achievement while participating in an aerial flight,” and fame when she returned. The following year, Amelia was a participant in the 1st Women’s Air Derby where she placed 3rd. Among setting many records in her pilot career like the first female to fly above 14,000 feet, she was also the first to fly from Hawaii to the US mainland and first to go on her own without stopping, across the US.

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Amelia had told herself that she was going to be the first ever to cross the Pacific Ocean through air. Her husband, Fred volunteered to be a navigator for her trip. Also attending, Captain Harry Manning as a navigator and Co-pilot Paul Mantz. Harry was only going to stay on until they reached Australia and Mantz would leave when they got to Honolulu. On June 1, 1937 they headed out on their long, around the world journey. The first stop would be Honolulu, Hawaii for fueling. Amelia wrecked when trying to leave Honolulu and that left the aircraft needing repairs. They had the plane shipped back to California to have the repairs needed made. After this incident, Harry and Mantz made the decision not to tag along anymore, it would just be Amelia and Noonan now. The two headed out and stopped where needed for gas. They departed from Lae on July 2nd to head to the Howland Island. At the Island, there was a US coast guard cutter Itasca set up to help with landing. After leaving Lae, they lost connection with the Itasca. The last messages were that Amelia was lost, couldn’t see the ship while circling and she was low on gas. There are many myths or theories about what happened to the couple. No one knows what exactly happened or where Amelia even ended up at. President Roosevelt sent a search team out for two weeks but on July 19th, 1937, Amelia was known to be lost at sea.

One theory is that the plane ran out of fuel leaving Amelia crashing into the middle of the ocean. A Gardner Island Hypothesis is that Amelia go off course and landed 350 miles Southwest on Gardner Island. A week later, the Navy seen signs of someone recently living out here but no apparent evidence of an aircraft having landed. Since then, several trips have been made to this Island and they have found some evidence, plexiglass that looked like it could have been part of a window. A woman’s shoe that looked like it was from the 1930’s, improvised tools, a make up jar of some sort, and bones that appeared to be from a finger. Another theory is that the two could have become Spies for President Roosevelt and took on new identities before coming back to the US. The most talked myth is that Amelia was captured from the Japanese and executed because she was claimed of being on a mission to spy for the US.

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