The Writing Style Of Emily Dickinson In The Poem Because I Could Not Stop For Death

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Emily Dickinson is a very fine and obvious kind of poetess. She is straight forward Lady that believes in Death and all the consequences that bring life out of the misery and brings eternity to the people which is the real world. She emphasizes on fake nature of this existing world that no one is mortal and everything has to die or decay for some reason. She has true self belief that we are carrying our loads of sins, of which we shall face the music in eternal life. The poetess has used commas and dash as punctuation marks to focus on the seriousness of this topic “ Because I could not stop for Death “. She is paranoid sometimes to see that people are being misguided by the temporary pleasures of life and they go on hurting and ruining someone’s life without even taking an account that their doing can prove to be fatal for someone. Emily Dickinson places Death wish as an honor to be furnished and thinks that we people are carriage bearers of our loads and life is a journey of good and bad events which we ride along with friends and family. But according to poetess, the real home for a man is the Grave, which gives him eternity and sigh of relief from all the problems of life. Time flies and Mortality faces reality of eternity. The person calling a house ,made of bricks and cement, his Home forgets about the real home which is in the graveyard and that belongs to a certain person for the rest of eternal life.

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Emily Dickinson places a placebo effect on the minds of readers by expressing the super naturability of afterlife. People don’t take under consideration the concept of afterlife seriously. They seem to think that our dear ones bury us and after that everything will be finished but In true sense, everything starts after that moment when everyone leaves us in cemetery for the day of judgment. Death is a pious deed to end the miserable life of sins and heart break and in this way the regretful person attains the morality and mortality. According to the poetess, Death is inevitable and everyone who denies it meets his destiny one way or the other. Without Death there would have been population explosion all over the world and the countries will have to suffer socio-economic and financial issues to overcome poverty and inflation that is the result of over-population. In poetess review, Death is a blessing in disguise because if there would be no death then people could not be able to enjoy the colorful blessings of nature. The man would never want to procreate in this eternal world because due to death one has the wish of passing on his name and honor to the young ones of next generation. So Death grants us many wishes and little moments of joy that would not have been possible if there was no concept of Death.

Finally, in a nut shell, it is hereby concluded that Death is not a bad thing in poetess’ point of view rather it is a release from the prison of this world and enjoying the soothing effect of eternal afterlife in Heavens. There is no such feeling that is comparable to this one.

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