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Understanding The Ergonomics in Opportunity Cost

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The idea of Economics is present everywhere in our society. Through our lives, the things around us directly relate to our economy. Music is one of the many areas that play a large role in our lives. For me, the song “Opportunity Cost” by G-Eazy is solely about economics and the way that we need to learn how to balance our everyday lives.

The first three lines go like this: “Everything costs something bro, when it’s somewhere… somewhere else you just lost something yo, the cost of opportunities is always good to know.” The artist, G-Eazy, opens up his song with the same concept that was taught in Microeconomics. Opportunity Costs are what we as buyers and sellers give up to gain something else. For example, we can either go to school, or we can attend college. Both of these alternatives have costs and benefits, but the one that we give up is the opportunity cost. G-Eazy uses this exact example in his song. In one section the artist talks about how he gave up his family life to pursue his career. G-Eazy sings: “Missing every birthday and anniversary, yesterday my mom got out of surgery and I wasn’t even in town, shows and after parties what I’ve been round.” The artist found that his musical career had taken over him and the opportunity cost that he gave up was being there for his mother’s surgery. Opportunity cost is an important idea because it involves balancing two separate things and seeing which options will provide us with the most benefits. G-Eazy learned through his song that he made the wrong choice. At first, the parties and fame was important, but now, he realized that family is what he needed.

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Towards the end of his song he states: “Wondering if this rock star life taking a toll on me like I’m asking to die.” Obviously he is not being literal when he talks about death. This one line shows how the artist is beginning the balancing process to determine if being a rock star is really worth it. On one side of his spectrum he has all the full salary jobs, after parties, and good vibes. On the other hand, he has his mother who cares deeply about him and has made a huge impact on his life. The artist attempts to tell the listener his story by talking about how he gave up the wrong things.

This song really means a lot to me because I struggle with same concepts that the artist deals with. No I may not have all of the fame, however, I do try to balance the costs and benefits of my life decisions. Sometimes I don’t know if college is the best place for me, or if I should get a job. G-Eazy uses the song “Opportunity Cost” to explain to listeners that life isn’t just an easy ride. Life requires a large amount of decision making, which means we must give up something at one point or another.

G-Eazy’s “Opportunity Cost” ends with the perfect line, “No stress, bullsh*t gets passed to the side, working hard to make sure I’mma be the man when I die.” The cost of opportunity is good for us to understand in economics. We as buyers and sellers need to understand how to solve the optimization problem of choosing the best option among the alternatives. If G-Eazy was able to do it, then we need to take the same approach. His song may not be specifically about economics, but the ideas he raps about in his verses serve as great teaching if we want to be successful in our economy.

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