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Waiting for Godot: the Portrayals of the Characters

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His hat always uncomfortable and this refers to lots of things going on inside his brain and think too much.he is such a sympathetic and have interest with people. He really have so much emotions and care for people. Although Estragon’s moodiness Vladimir still care about him and try to open new topics to talk with Estragon.Vladimir puzzle over every jot and tittle,examine events and get to the meat of actions and make determinations.for example when Estragon take off his boots and say his foots needs to ventilate Vladimir responsed by saying ‘’here is the typical human being. He is incriminate his foots fault into the boots.’’ And christianty what mention about two thief story’s four apostles ‘s only one of them mention about thief who reclaimed is absurd and shortfall for Vladimir. He criticise almost every thing.he call Estragon as ‘’Gogo’’ because he sincere for him and loves him. A real quixotic . Compelete Estragon’s senteces. Although he seems like positive about future he thinks about suicide. For example he still has repetance about why did not suicide themselves top on Eiffel tower and thinks to hang themselves the tree where they waiting for Godot .When heard about Godot will not come today but will come tomorrow he think again hang himself to the tree.He refuses to listen to Estragon’s nightmares.Think about broke up with Estragon but he never does. He always mention about things like leave the tree but he never does.


He always care about his foots and boots and physical pain. This physical pain refers to his earthly personality. Actually he does not even wait for godot or believe in godot he just stay for Vladimir. He frequently forgot about what happen before even forget what he just say. He refuses the Vladimir’s desire to hug to him because they didn’t see each others as a long time but Estragon does not want because Estragon as cross as a bear with a sore head and apoplectial person.He has pretty trenchant words and blasphemie.He used to be a poet but now he related his poverty to he used to be poet.I think that he is real alpha because he refute the people’s thesis, try to teabad people with swears and can’t say he is very much countenance He call to Vladimir ‘’Didi’’ so this behaviour shows that Estragon secretly feel closeness to Vladimir and loves him maybe but he tries not to show.when he irritate to Vladimir with story of english man at brothel Estragon couldn’t resist on Vladimir’s anger to him and put his hand on vladimir’s shoulder,wanted to his hands,wanted to hug himself shows that actually he loves Vladimir but when they hug each other Estragon pull away himself by saying ‘’you are smell like garlic’’ showes that he doesn’t want to loose his otority and croos over into bad attitude imediately. Complete vladimir’s sentences.When Vladimir put question to him as ‘’what is wrong with you’’ his answer was ‘’I’m sad and don’t time when it started.’’ Explain his behaviour in some way. In general he is negative to World as a matter of fact he tries to kill himself by jumping into rhine river so he has some mental problems.he still thinks that best thing for him is dead but he refuses when Vladimir’s desire about hang themselves to the tree. He woke up with seeing nightmares at nights and those nightmares are about get beat up with some men. He compare himself with jesus for about whole life. Every single time when he could not find a way to out he thinks that hang himself. Always think that broke up with Vladimir because Vladimir will be much better without himself but he never does he never walk away from the tree. He hold a grudge fort he Pozzo’s slave who kicked his leg. Since the kick he never wants to help the slave and always swear to him.


He always loose some stuffs and get mad and act like he should lieve but he never wants to leave. He see himself above others and as his thought the Pozzo name should have known as every one. When he first talk with Estragon and Vladimir he say that ‘’I’m owner that lands’’ and establish the authority over Gogo and Didi and provide to call himself others as Mr. But after that he lost his authority and stay with them hardly. He adores to meet with new people and wants to spend time with them. He praise himself even though he is old but still say that he looks like young boy compare with Lucky. His mood frequently changes and has bad attitude to the slave. While he call Lucky as ‘’pig’’ and pull the rope at Lucky’s neck hardly, keep force Lucky to work Pozzo changes and remember what everything was used to be and starts crying and again he changes no where and act like serious-powerfull man again. One time he say that his slave give him a pain and start crying but immediately change his mood ,get serious and say that he is not to type of person who others can make him suffer. At second incident Pozzo came to onstage as blind and needed for his slave Lucky. After he became blind he lose track of time. He and his slave always fall into place and call for help. Till any one came to halp they just lay down the place and do nothing.


He obeys to Pozzo even though Pozzo’s whole bad attitude for him and when Pozzo make him cry Estragon feel pitty for him and wants to dash away Lucky’s tears but Lucky kick to Estragon’s leg and give the handkerchief to Pozzo because he does not love any one accept his owner.Lucky never talks unless Pozzo comand to talk. He could not think without his hat and when others put the hat on to Lucky’s hand he go through a grave crisis. He starts to speak incogitable to understands and incomplete sentences and stutter. Firstly he begin to yell and seems to mention about some stuffs cleverly while he continue to speak sentence starts to finish out of no where he begin to stutter and jump into topics to topics from middle of sentences and speech become more and more meaningless.when others take the hat from Lucky’s head he immediately stop to think and fall into place. While he passed out others gave him hands suitcase and basket Lucky feel that stuff and regain consciousness. On one level be a slave the thing what makes him want to live. At second incident Lucky came to onstage as mute and keep stay at his owner who is blind. The rope become shorter.

The kid: he is shy and faintheart. Works for the Godot and herd goats. The kid’s brother who herd herd sheeps get beated by the Godot and the kid leave with his brother at cockloft-hayloft. He brings Estragon and Vladimir Word of Godot. Every single time he come to Estragon and Vladimir he says that this is the first time see them and the Godot won’t come today but he will come tomorrow for sure.

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Waiting: Waiting for the Godot is main theme in the book of ‘’Waiting for Godot’’. So who is the Godot? As a translator of this book Tuncay Birkan mention about this section of translator’s note and clarify the question as this words: negative theolog’s comment: The godot is god (God ex absentra). Humanist’s comment: Godot is love, hope. Existentialist’s comment: Godot is future or death. Optimistic socialist’s comment: Godot is a better social order. Philologist’s comment: Godot is a balzac person. Politician’s comment: Godot is De Gaulle and finally Robbe-Grillet’s comment who out of patience : the person Vladimir and Estragon keep on waiting but who never come. In the whole play both Vladimir and Estragon wait for Godot never far away from the tree. They think that ‘’ What if when they leave Godot come?’’ and stay where they are always.

Inaction: In Beckett’s theater, where the artificial reality of outside life is excluded, the character lost the individual position, the endless place of actions resulting from external conflicts has taken a stasis(ASARLI,2016). Actors always talk about leaving but they never go away from around the tree. One time they scared of Pozzo’s voice and they didn’t even escape and Estragon try to hide behind the tree. When Estragon wanted to go away Vladimir said they could not because they have to come next day because of wait for Godot. In fact at the end of the play Vladimir say thay ‘’ Are we going?’’ and Estragon respond as ‘’ Yes, Lets go.’’ And they do not move.

Nothingness: The ideas of time and nothingess have always been as popular themes in literature, especially in theatre while some playwrights mirrortheir era others choose not to confine themselves to a certain time or place.

The absurt dramatists make a different use ofthe dramatic elements of time and place to indirectly express their subversive ideas. Time in the absurdist drama is non-linear and it never follows a consistent chronology. Absurdist play does not follow the normal scheme of beginning, middle and end. It rather surprises the reader/audience by taking him or her to a different dimension of time which often includes dreams, mythology and hallucinations. Similarly, space/place is also nonconsistent with the actual time within which the action takes place. The absurdist drama is usually set in a space which stands in total contrast with the timing of the incidents/action presented to the audience. This incongruous overlapping between time and place is part of the absurdist rejection of logic and it implies an absurdist view towards the nature of the universe. The universe has been created without necessarily having a choice to define its beginning or end. Man follows in this process in almost a mechanical way. Thus, the space and time duality does not necessarily define the appropriate behavior of the individual and it does not determine the set of values a society follows. Time and place in the absurdist play are ambiguous and fluid. Reason and effect relationship in time and space are usually disrupted in absurdist drama.

Nihilism is a radical philosophy which claims that things (or everything, including the self) do not exist; a sense that everything is unreal. It also denies all established authority and institutions, and it stresses that the world and the people in it exist without meaning, purpose, truth or value. Nihilism as a movement or view of life is born with the postmodern society where man has lost all his faith in God as being the source of all meaning.(KARAKUŞ,2017)

Nothingness examples in the book are when the time Vladimir wanted to Estragon to look at the tree and remind him by saying ‘’ we were almost hang ourselves don’t you remember ? ‘’ Estragon replies as maybe you were dreamed about it and Vladimir says ‘’ How can you forgat that much easiliy?’’ and Estragon says that ‘’ I’m who I’m. Either forget everything right time or never.’’. after that Estragon could not remember where he şs and what happens were yesterday or not. One day the tree does not have any leaf next day the tree overflow with leafs like spring came out at one day. When Pozzo forgot about who were Vladimir and Estragon Vladimir asked him as ‘’ We meet yesterday. Don’t you remember? ‘’ Pozzo replied as ‘’ I don’tremember if i meet with anyone yesterday but either tomorrow i will remember if i meet with someone today. Don’t except any help from me.’’.


  1. KARAKUŞ Ö., 2017, THE CONCEPT OF “TIME” AND “NOTHINGNESS” IN SHAKESPEARE’S HAMLET, SAMUEL BECKETT’S WAITING FOR GODOT AND SUFISM, Submitted to the Graduate Institute of Social Sciences In partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts of English Language and Literature, ISTANBUL.

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