What Makes for a Perfect Wedding: Critical Essay

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Hardly a day in the life of two people is as important as their wedding. A day that will be remembered for years to come. Marrying is 'in'. No one is indeed being abused today for living together in unmarried partnerships and raising children together. Nevertheless, as a couple or a family, pairs often do not feel completely connected until an official 'yes' to each other is said. Marrying someone isn’t just about saying 'yes', it is also connected to a lot of work and organization. As Jessica Gomez in her book ‘The Realist Bride’ stated: “Organization is the key to planning your wedding”. Therefore, the bride and groom need to plan this day carefully. There are too many details that must be taken into account for an unforgettable day. As a wedding is usually planned by people only once, it goes without saying that one does not always know exactly what is important. At most weddings, small planned things do not work out well, but also large organizational failures happen. The process of planning the perfect wedding requires focusing on and following 6 major phases of planning: budget, location, photographer, singer, wedding dress and wedding rings, as well as seat and table arrangement.

Initially, budget planning is crucial for a wedding. The wedding is associated with high costs, which is every bride and groom clear in any case. Even if the celebration takes place only on a small scale, costs arise. Therefore, it is important to think carefully about how much budget is available for the wedding. Without thinking of details, the bride and groom should sit together and determine exactly how much financial scope is available. As not everyone will have enough savings on account, there are also opportunities in banks to take special wedding loans. Simply ask the house bank for this. But be aware! While this is about planning the dream wedding, one should not plan beyond own financial resources. If necessary, choose only one loan amount, where the monthly loan amount is affordable. It may therefore also make sense to compare several offers from banks. One or the other bank finally gives the bride and groom significantly better conditions than others do. Whether with loans or with self-saved, on a wedding budget, a couple should set it based on which it can then make further planning. In any case, plan a certain amount of room to work with at the wedding.

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In the second phase, a couple should find a suitable location, which, in most cases, represents a great challenge for many. On the one hand, a place must be found where one can imagine celebrating with family, friends, and acquaintances, on the other hand, it must also be a place that should fulfill several different criteria. Accessibility is an important factor. For the wedding guests, but also the bridal couple, it is not advantageous if the wedding location can only be reached after hours of driving. In addition, depending on the choice of location, it must also be clarified that the wedding guests have accommodation. This is especially beneficial for guests arriving from further afield. As a note, when it comes to a wedding location, a couple should also think about a guest list in advance. This does not have to be perfect at this point, but to find a suitable location, a pair should know an approximate number of guests.

Once the location is determined, a photographer is needed to capture all moments. When planning a wedding, finding a wedding photographer poses a serious problem for many wedding couples. After all, the market for photographers is very large. Either one knows someone who has already married and recommends his wedding photographer or a couple has to find a suitable photographer on one's own. Before the search has started, one should first think about what is wanted, what should the wedding photos look like, and should it be dreamy or brightly colored. Every bridal couple has to make these decisions for themselves. Again, there is no perfect solution. One thing, however, should be clear to the bride and groom. The more the photographer is supposed to deliver, the more it affects the wedding budget.

The fourth phase is to find and choose your perfect band or DJ for the wedding. As music is something that has the highest effect on the atmosphere, it is important that a bridal couple also thinks about the musical arrangement of the evening. The bridal couple has the opportunity to get involved in a wedding band/singer or a wedding DJ. A wedding band and a DJ can always respond to the wishes of the guests. Not infrequently some have experienced that a quiet wedding celebration has turned into a fantastic wedding party. Many singers/bands have on their homepage a large selection of their repertoire which they can play. 81% of guests at a wedding say that entertainment is remembered the most, so more time should be spent to carefully plan this phase.

After the music is arranged, a wedding dress and rings have to be found. For almost every woman, buying a wedding dress is a unique moment. Accompanied by the maid of honor, best friends, and the mother, many brides make their way to the bridal shop. The choice here is very wide and for almost every price range there are appropriate clothes. It is important that if the bride has a specific motto planned for the wedding, it should be told immediately. So, the vendors can show the dresses for a vintage wedding or show some clothes for a boho wedding. If the bride opts for a dress from abroad, one should do so very early. The wedding dress will be tailored based on the mass one specifies and must then be sent to the bride by post. If the bride does not like it, or maybe it should not fit, enough time is still left to buy another dress. For a wedding, wedding rings are a crucial factor. Without them, no marriage can take place. The rings stand for a couple's eternal covenant and accompany them for the next years. Not without reason, ones should, therefore, take the time when buying it. By setting up the wedding budget, the bride and groom would be able to determine the costs for rings. The value of the rings in the market has no limit. From gold to white gold, from silver to platinum, everything is possible.

Lastly, a couple has to make seats and table arrangements. This can usually be determined shortly before the wedding, but should still be well thought out. Especially if one should invite a lot of people, a couple should think carefully about which people can sit together and which not. With a large guest list, so-called family, friends, acquaintances, and work colleagues' tables are suitable. It is important, above all, to ensure that people sitting together who already know each other, or if they do not know each other, will feel comfortable at least. A pretty simple to do which can have a lot of influence on the mood of the wedding.

In conclusion, to have a perfect wedding with beautiful memories, a couple should first determine the budget. The budget should be decided carefully and it should not go beyond a couple's financial capabilities. If needed, take special wedding loans from the bank. The location of the wedding should be accessible and an accommodation should be provided in case some guests come from abroad. To find a photographer, firstly, it is necessary to know what is wanted, which quality, and what type of pictures. Keep in mind that the more is wanted, the more costly will it be. A band or DJ for music arrangement is a perfect solution because they can respond to any requests of guests. A wedding dress should match the motto of the wedding. If a dress from abroad is needed, buy it on time in case the dress does not fit the body. While buying wedding rings, a couple should be aware that they will wear the rings for a long time, so it has to be comfortable and at the same time affordable. Seat and table arrangements should be made to avoid a possible bad atmosphere. Carefully select who can sit with whom. Keep in mind that no wedding is perfect because perfection is not reachable, but striving for perfection should be a must.

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