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Have you ever thought about what the military would be like without certain things? The military must have certain things for it to maintain its reputation. The military always wants their soldiers and their sailors to be their best no matter the situation. The military always wants their soldiers and sailors to have accountability, discipline and respect, time management, and critical thinking skills if they are in a combat zone or working in a hospital.

Accountability is very important in the military. Accountability is defined by the DoD as the obligation imposed by law or lawful order or regulation on an officer or other person for keeping an accurate record of property, documents, or funds. Accountability is also used when someone has something to do outside of their workplace, they keep updated who they need to update. Accountability is important in the military because if someone does not know where you are and a higher-up asks where you are the leadership would be in big trouble. I plan on being more accountable by updating my leadership everywhere I need to go outside of the clinic while working at the clinic. If I have an appointment during the workday, I will send them a text when I am heading to my appointment, when I get to my appointment, and when I leave my appointment. I will make sure that I am keeping my floor leader, my ALPO, and my NCOs updated with everything that they need to know about my whereabouts. I will show up for muster earlier than the 10 minutes I am needed to do. I will make sure everyone is aware of appointments I have so they know that I have one but still keep them updated about my whereabouts. Everyone should know where you are always at so they can notify someone if they are asked about where you are at. If you are in combat, a team is accountable for everyone in the team. The squad leader must make sure everyone is there so that there is success in the mission. If someone is accountable, you can trust they will do what they claimed. Without accountability, you would not be able to put your trust in someone to complete a job for you and another member of the team or show up on time to an important event, or formation. If you keep remaining unaccountable you could face a UCMJ action under article 15. It is necessary to have accountability to make sure everyone in your unit is safe and so you make sure they are where they are supposed to be. You also want your unit on standby so they are ready for anything that may happen. Being accountable makes us stronger as an individual but also as a team. If you are accountable you are also reliable. Communication is key. Being accountable also includes being in the right uniform, and having all necessary equipment, gear, and documents that you might need for that day in order to accomplish that day’s mission. If you do not in the right uniform and don’t have any of the equipment or gear that you need how can you be accountable? Would you blame others, or would you own up to your mistakes? Accountability is something that is a trait that takes time to learn but should always use it after you have learned it so that you do not end up going to UA ever.

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The difference between discipline and respect is that discipline in the military is having proper military bearing even while not in uniform. Respect is something that should be given no matter what. In order to be given respect, you must first give respect to anyone. Discipline is something that you should have after joining the military. When you are in boot camp they teach you discipline and respect. Every time you messed up in boot camp they beat you. They made sure you had discipline. I will implement on being both by showing some discipline in things that I do around the clinic and taking responsibility for my actions. I will respect my leadership and everyone around me. I will follow orders from anyone that gives me orders and complete them to the best of my ability. I will help maintain my discipline and respect by making sure I hold myself to the standards that I know are the standards of the military. Discipline is something that everyone should have rather it be in the civilian world or the military. Poor discipline leads to losing sailors' or soldiers' life. Discipline also is making sure you are wearing the uniform properly, following orders, or to repeat tasks until they are done correctly. Discipline has to do with addressing the right people and knowing the ranks. Discipline is the most important in order to ensure the efficiency of the military organization. Respect is a key value in the military. Respect for your subordinates, peers, seniors, and officers is highly regarded. In the military anyone who wears a higher rank than what you are wearing, respect is expected but it is also expected from the same rank and lower as well. Respect is looked highly upon due to the fact that it is something that should be given to all service members. Disrespect is observed when leadership must micromanage tasks. That is where trust is lost with the subordinates. Everyone should make sure they keep their respect and discipline in check because if they don’t, they could end up going down a wrong path that they may not be able to bounce back from. Without discipline and respect in the military, there would not be any success. Everyone needs to respect their peers, subordinates, and seniors. This requires one to listen and pay soldiers and sailors the proper courtesy. Respecting your fellow soldiers and sailors means protecting him or them in all situations, covering their backside when required, and clearing the path in order for him or them to complete the mission. Discipline helps you to enhance self-control, behavior, and competence and the outcome of such nature of training means adherence to the regulations formulated for the advantage of the team. It also promotes our competency, and efficiency in any planned or unplanned military operations. One example of self-discipline is being in uniform in order to help identify each other easily. We also have discipline when we adhere to the rules that govern the operations of the military processes.

Time management and critical thinking are skills required to use while in the military. If you do not use time management or critical thinking you need to be able to find out how to use it while in the military. Time management is the process of planning and controlling how much time to spend on specific activities. Good time management enables an individual to complete more in a shorter period of time, lowers stress, and leads to career success. The ability to manage your time is very important. If you prioritize wisely, you will get more done faster. Critical thinking is important in the military because it leads to more certainty and confidence in an uncertain future. Critical thinking is the kind of mental attitude required for success in a strategic environment. I will use these skills during my days as a sailor to help plan out my day effectively and make sure I prioritize what I need to get done. I will manage my time by putting the tasks that are important first and making sure that the tasks that are least important are done last. Use critical thinking to strategize my tasks and my day effectively. I will categorize what can be used to get the same task done but see which one would get the task done faster and more effectively. Different strategies can help get the same things done but in different ways. If I found a way to make paperwork scanning go faster than what it normally takes I would try to make it goes as fast as it can go. If I could think of ways to make the clinic run smoother and more effective to help please not only the providers but the patients I would use the strategy to help make it all come together with all the work that is needed to use time wisely and thinking of things to go more strategically. Time management teaches you in boot camp because while in boot camp they teach you that if you are late to one thing and did not manage your time to be on time for an event you will be late for all of your other tasks as well. We all use time management in our own ways. People use a calendar to put down things that they need to make sure get done when they need to get done. For example, if you have a deadline on something that is very important then you must make sure that you hit that deadline by managing the time that you have to get it done. If you prioritize your tasks wisely, you will never go wrong. Critical thinking helps you learn how to think and how to judge and improve the quality of thinking. Critical thinking is also known as robust thinking because it involves many different attributes. Most importantly critical thinking is a state of mind in whose goal is better thinking. Critical thinking is always useful because it lets you use a different strategy for the same task.

In conclusion, the military always wants their soldiers and sailors to be accountable, disciplined, respectful, using their time wisely through time management and using critical thinking to get them out of difficult situations. Next time people in your chain of command say that you are not doing something right, ask them how you can improve yourself to make yourself better. Use every resource that you can use to help improve yourself for the better of the mission. The mission is what counts and matters in the military.

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