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5 Paragraph Essay on the Crucible

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The Crucible and Today's Society

We are in the 21st century but the crucible is still relevant to today’s society after 50 years ago with writing but it includes many issues such as justice, reputation, hysteria, intolerance, empowerment, also revenge, pre- juices, jealousy, love, and hate was and still is behind all of that. The main lesson and reputation after the crucible is a reputation which for example in the crucible show John Proctor who fears that his affairs with Abigail harm his reputation. In this society, we will take the example of Donald Trump that only cares about his reputation, for example, some research shows that his mom was an immigrant but he doesn’t like immigrants because he thinks that will affect him.

The second is justice in the crucible. Justice was supposed to be made by God and Hathroney, Danforth, Hale, and Paris were all part of the system that’s why before they killed John and two other women they started saying prayers. I would say just for Today life will be for example when you have a murder and someone is accused you will have DNA text and other laboratory work to find the truth. The next one will be revenge. Revenge is big based on the crucible is when Abigail decided to stab herself and lied to just accused John's wife because pregnant and John rejected her but today we prefer our vengeance for the more serious problems by calling the police on them.

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In the crucible, the town of Salem turns on each other and falls into a bad hysteria situation, for example, Abigail started yelling and accused Marry of witchery then all of the girl’s started doing the same thing but in today's life people will be triggered by water accident and they will suddenly think that they are really sick even when they are perfectly fine. An example of intolerance will be between judges because John and his friend tried to prove that Abigail lied but they trusted them or believed them. An example of intolerance in today's life will be the difference between different religions and their beliefs. Empowerment in the crucible will be Abigail being considered as God in the witch Trials then all of the girls followed everything she does. As empowered definition today you have women that know what they want and their strengths then they are not scared to use it. An example of prejudice in the crucible will be the girls that suffer from ageism. Today you have gender prediction or discrimination. They even hold black people suffering a lot for their skin color.

In the Crucible Abigail had a lot of jealousy for Elizabeth's proctor she wants it her to die then she will get John and you also have Putman who wants Jacobs to die for him to get his land. In today's society, we have a lot of jealous people I will take, for example, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry Mary. Sources said that Katy stole Taylor's dancers by paying them money to come with her. In the Crucible Abigail used her charm on everybody her love for John Proctor is accused of witchcraft. Kim and Kanye West is the best example of love in Today's society they started as friends and Kanye married her after all of the mistakes made. Abigail did all the things that she did because of her anger and the hate she is carrying in her heart.

Today's society has many crimes committed for hate and for example I have a Pennsylvania Man charged with a Federal hate crime for the tree of the life Synagogue shooting. In some way, the crucible was a big moment in history and will still be relevant somehow with religious fears, politics, social life, and many others. How many things are advanced and many conflicts are getting better with time because of the development of technology and life which as a jury trial.


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