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The purpose of this research article is to review the penal provision of adultery as stated under section 497 of the Penal Code 1860 (hereinafter referred as the IPC) and to analyze the consequences of reintroduction of adultery. The punishment of adultery was codified more than 150 years ago considering the vulnerable position of women under the social structure of the erstwhile Indian sub-continent. Though the society has undergone much historical, political, economic and value-based development within this long period...
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The story of The Thousand and One Nights, translated by Dawood, is a tale about a clever woman who saves herself, and other women in the kingdom, from being killed by a vengeful king. She tells him a story that never ends for a thousand and one nights, and purposely makes sure that she does not finish each of the stories, leaving the king interested in the ending of each of her stories. In the story, the theme of adultery...
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The Scarlet Letter ​mainly covers the sin of adultery, while ​The Crucible ​covers witchcraft. Both have obvious similarities like the setting and the crime, but both have major differences. The author of ​The Scarlet Letter ​is Nathenial Hawthorne and the playwright of ​The Crucible ​is Arthur Miller. ​The Scarlet Letter​ is about Hester Prynne committing adultery with Arthur Dimmesdale and becoming pregnant with his child, while she had a husband known has Roger Chillingsworth. Roger discovers who the father of...
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According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, adultery is described as “voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and someone other than that person’s current spouse or partner”. The act of adultery has existed from the beginning of human civilization in different forms and in different societies and religions. There might be a slight modification and understanding regarding the definition of adultery in each religion, but every culture treats adultery as a sin. Similarly, Judaism and Hinduism treat adultery as a hateful...
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Introduction History has witnessed the women have always been treated as the second class citizen. In the middle ages the Doctrine of Coverture was developed in England as part of the common law system. According to the doctrine all the legal rights of women after marriage were absorbed by her husband. Somewhat similar view has been adopted by historians in India. Before marriage a woman is considered to be protected by her father and after marriage by her husband. She...
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Infidelity Infidelity is what we all popularly refer to as cheating or unfaithfulness in a romantic relationship. It is the betrayal of a couple’s agreement on emotional and sexual discretion. According to Wikipedia, infidelity is a violation of a couple’s assumed or stated contract regarding emotional and/or sexual exclusivity. Other words that can be used in this context are adultery, affair, cheating, two-timing, straying, or unfaithfulness. Infidelity is like breaking the code of commitment between couples. We must understand that...
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“Secure attachment was once viewed as important for infant development. More recently, it has been deemed the most important ingredient for successful relationship formation, strong self-identity & confidence to function and achieve in our lifetime.” Introduction A child's experience in their early formative years largely influences their later development. The influence largely accounts for the development of their cognitive skills, emotional stability, personality, and social skills. According to Bawdy (1977), attachment is the emotional bond that individual forms towards another...
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INTRODUCTION Over the past thirty years, two sexual revolutions have taken place, a dramatic increase in awareness of sexual problems and the simultaneous expansion of the range of therapies for sexual ailments; and a radical change in sexual behavior and behavior. The discussion focused on the ethical implications of these changes. The standards of sexual morality in this society are derived from the Judeo-Christian tradition. In this passage, sexuality is first linked to the establishment of a permanent relationship between...
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