A Raisin in the Sun' Movie Review Essay

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“Darn those eggs”, said Walter Lee. He wanted his wife to listen to his ideas. Walter Lee was tired of being poor. Walter Lee had a dream of being a part of the upper class whom he always observes. Walter felt that all of his dreams would come true if he could own the store he dreamed of. Overall, his dream was worth it but it was harder for an African American to do anything at this point in time.

Walter Lee and his family were tired of being poor. The family was about to receive a big break. Walter’s father had passed and they were about to receive a big check. The family didn’t know what to do with the money at first. Momma decided that she would buy a new house and decide what to do with the rest later. Everyone, but Walter likes the decision Mother made to get the new house.

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Walter Lee had a dream about being a part of the upper class whom he always observed. Some days Walter wouldn’t go to work in order to go observe the upper-class people. Walter Lee said, “My wife deserves to wear pearls too.” Walter Lee wanted to put together a plan that would earn them some money so that they could move up in class. Overall, Walter Lee wanted to make life better for him and his family.

Walter’s friend BoBo had news of Walter’s investment that he talked about. BoBo informed Walter Lee that Willie had run off with his money. They found out Walter had used his share and Beneatha’s share of the money. They were both devastated, Beneatha even went as far as not wanting to be a doctor anymore. Overall this made Walter realize that the very dream that he had this whole time was a scam to take his money.

As previously expressed, Walter and his family had dreams that almost all African Americans had at this point in time. They realized that those things wouldn’t come easy so They gambled some money and lost. A second opportunity arose when Karl Linder tried to re-buy their house. This banded the family together because the family felt so embarrassed that they declined the offer. As a result of everything the family decided to move into a new house, but they still faced the very same problems from the beginning.  

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