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A Raisin in The Sun' Play Review Essay

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A Raisin In The Sun is a drama that follows a poor family named The Youngsters. The family is mourning the death of the father of the family. Since he had insurance his family would receive a $10,000 insurance policy. Everybody wants a piece of the money, the movie shows how the battle for the money unfolds.

The battle of the money started when the son Walter Lee decided that with the money he would purchase a liquor store so they could invest in it to get them out of poverty. Walter wanted nothing else in the world except his liquor store so he would stop at nothing until he got just that. The mother of the family wanted to purchase a house for the whole family to live in cause she thought that’s what her husband would have wanted. Bernetha the daughter wanted to use the money to get her through medical school so she could be a doctor. They had such little money but some many decisions for it.

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The family was very very poor they were living from check to check every month. They could barely provide the necessities that the basic human needed to survive. They couldn’t afford the nicer things in life so when they heard they were getting that insurance check they saw that as an opportunity for them to find a way out of the slums of Chicago. They did what they could to get the little money they had even if that meant asking.

The characters have very different emotions. Like Walter Lee was a dreamer, a doer, But also very money hungry. Bernetha hates the sight of Walter all she wanted was to be able to live her own dream and become a doctor. Ruth was very calm and patient with the kids and with making the decisions of what to do With the money they had got back. The emotions of the family made it hard for everyone to agree on one thing for the money to go to because they all had big dreams that they wanted to fulfill.

Overall the family got the 10,000 dollars back and attempted to fulfill everybody’s dream with the little they did have left after the accident with Walter's friend. In the process of figuring out what to do they put a downpayment on a house, bought new garden tools, and Ruth a new hat. Everybody was finally happy with the way things happened towards the end of the play even though they went to multiple situations where they could have given up. They kept on pushing as a family.

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