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Analysis of the Setting of 'A Raisin in the Sun': Critical Essay

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“A Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry. A drama film created in 1959. The setting took place in Chicago. The main characters are viewed in my opinion as Ruth, Walter Lee, and Betty. Ruth is a caring person. Walter Lee is a selfish character. Betty is a mean character. The development of the movie was when the family got that 10,000-dollar insurance check. Then it changed when Walter Lee lost the money trying to invest. Overall, the movie was worth watching.

A drama film created in 1959 by Lorraine Hansberry. The film took place in Chicago. Lorraine Hansberry born May 19, 1930, was an African American play writer. Lorraine Hansberry's film was first produced on Broadway. “A Raisin in the Sun” was the first drama in 1959. Overall, this play showed how drama really can be real.

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The characters acting made the drama seem as if it was based on a true story. Ruth is presented as the caring one. Ruth was there for everybody. Ruth was always putting up with Walter’s problems. Even though Walter can be a headache at moments, she does it because she cares. Now, Walter Lee on the other hand was selfish. Walter Lee was giving the money to put a down payment on the house and the rest for him and Betty. Instead, he took the money to invest. Walter ends up getting played and one of his friends ran off with the money. Walter Lee disappointed the whole family, including Betty, Walter Lee's sister. Betty is a mean and nagging person. Betty’s always downing her brother Walter Lee, especially when he lost the money. It took the momma to tell Betty to show love after the world has been downing him. The characters in this film seem as if they are a real-life family.

Walter, the father, was the reason the family got the insurance check for 10,000 dollars. The money showed a lot of the family's true colors. Walter Lee got crazier and the momma became wise. The money also made Betty and Walter Lee's relationship worse. Betty starts calling him no good. The mother had Betty to be on his side for once. The world is bringing him down. Also, Walter Lee disappointed the family by being selfish. Walter got finessed and was trying to get the money back by selling the house. Money played a big role in the development of the story.

The film was about a family, who was suffering from poverty until a 10,000 dollars insurance check came. My opinion of the film is that it was a great film. The characters played there and made the film look realistic.

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