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Who Is Asagai in 'A Raisin in the Sun': Character Analysis Essay

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The film” Raisin in the Sun” by Lamaine Hansberry “ have problems throughout. It started off great with the whole family. Ruth started acting angry and funny with the whole family, but nobody knew what the matter was. Walter did a lot of things without his wife knowing . Everyone was staying together in one big house. Beneatha didn’t agree with several things that Walter was doing behind her back.

Beneatha always acts differently from the other ones in the family. Their mother got a check for $10,000 because they were in need of a house. They were supposed to have been saving, but Walter had other plans with the money. Beneatha didn’t want to marry George because he loved to control everything. For example, in Scene One Beneatha says she wouldn’t marry George because he likes to run stuff. She really didn’t care for God because she believed in another religion.

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In Scene Two, Joseph Asagai came in, which was Beneatha’s African boyfriend. He had money and was smart. Ruth went to the doctor and found out she was pregnant and that’s the reason she passed out. Asagai present to Beneatha was appropriate because it was a robe to women and it was also appropriate as they were married. To warn them from danger, their mother always referred to them as, “A black man leaving home to find peace.” Ruth knew she was having an abortion because she went to the abortion clinic. No one wants her to have it. They had a family dance when George came in.

Ruth did not know Walter was not going to work until they called looking for him. He did not tell anyone anything. Walter’s mother purchased a house with the money. Ruth was happy, but Walter was not. Walter was riding around looking for a business instead of going to work. Their mother gave him $6,500 and $3,000 for Bette and $3,500 for saving. The man, Karl Lindner, visited the house to tell them about the house they were moving in. Their mother just wanted the best for them. Bobo brought some news to Walter, which was that Willie stole the money. They did not know what to do. It was a lot of problems going on at the house.

The film “ Raisin in the Sun” taught me a lesson. Money cannot make everybody happy because people try to use it to have control of others. Finally, Asagai asks Beneatha to marry him. The mother aimed too high for her children. Walter did not take the money that Lindner offered, because the plan was to move. He did not have a choice but to accept the money for the problem to be solved. The younger family moved right along with them. The play taught me to always depend on myself and not on anyone else.

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