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Reducing the minimum age from 21 years old to 18 years has brought attention to our country policy and politics. As we know, the voting age in Malaysia is 21 years old on the eligibility date. For sure, everybody has right to cast their votes to determine the future in their country’s but it must be with a rational mind....
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Does imprisoning children who commit criminal offenses safeguard the law and uphold justice or is it a crude and immoral way of making them aware of what the law can do? Nowadays, our essence of justice is subtly deviated due to the excessive corruption among politicians, increasing rate of poverty, continual consumption of prohibited drugs, and many unmentioned social issues...
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This chapter outlines the reasons for, and against, the minimum age of criminal responsibility. While there is no dispute that children do need to be held accountable for their actions whether it be criminally or just in general, it is important to note that some think a child should not be criminalized regardless of the crime they commit. Children are...
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“At some age the stage of a child’s moral and intellectual development would be reached, such that at and above that age the child could be treated as a responsible agent (for purposes of the criminal law), and below that age the child could not be so treated.” (G Maher, 2005) A recent account by the Australian Broadcasting Commission’s (ABC)...
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