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Analysis of Gothic Elements in 'The Raven'

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Edgar Allan Poe is a famous American author. Poe wrote many famous poems such as “The Raven” and “Tell-Tale Hearts”. Poe’s poems are held in high regard today. He is seen as an amazing American author. Although many people believe that Poe’s mindset while writing poems was insane.

Many things will be gone over in this research paper. Such as Poe’s life a few poems by him and his mindset. Almost none of Poe’s stories are light-hearted. Poe’s stories were always dark and gothic-themed.

“Quoth the Raven nevermore” and “The Raven” written by Edgar Allan Poe is a famous pieces of poetry held in high regard today. It is one of Poe’s most famous pieces of poetry alongside “The Tell-Tale Hearts”. It tells of depression and loss. Alongside the theme, the story is dark in its own retrospect.

“The Raven” is one of Poe’s most famous poems. It is well known in the world mainly for the quote “Quoth the Raven nevermore”. It continues as the following a young man is mourning the loss of his lover after a time the young man falls asleep. Later in the night, the young man is awoken by a tapping on his window, which he believes is his lover, when the door is opened a Raven flies in through the newly opened passage. As the night progresses the man is awoken by the birds time after time. Within its first visit, the raven brings many dark and depressing themes such as grief, negativity, and depression, as a side note it is believed that a Raven is a sign of Death.

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To restate this is one of Poe’s most famous pieces of poetry. This poem shows loss and grief in its finest form. Although it is mainly known for its quote, stated many times throughout the poem, “Quoth the Raven nevermore”. One of Poe’s inspirations for this poem was a Raven named “Grip” the pet of Charles Dickens.

Although the story was very dark to truly understand how Poe can write stories such as this, before going deeper. Poe grew up in Virginia where he grew up and went to school. Poe’s mother was an English actor, Eliza Poe. After graduating college Poe enlisted in the United States army where he wrote his first collection of Poems. After reading some of his poems people began to think Poe suffered from Mental Illnesses and I think a good example of this is “The Tell-Tale Hearts”.

“The Tell-Tale Hearts” is definitely one of the more, psychotic poems that Poe wrote. It starts with an older man and a young man working for the older one. The young man states multiple times that he is treated very well, well enough at least. But it is the old man’s “evil eye”, as the younger one calls it, that drives the young man crazy. And the young man begins to scheme

The young man watches the old man sleep for nights without sleep. And one night the young man breaks, from hearing the old man’s beating heart, and forcefully takes the eye from the Old Man, who by this time is dead. The young man is overcome by this and thinks he must hide the body to which he proceeds to cut the body into pieces. Days later the police come for the disappearance of the old man the young man invites them in as they search the young man feels he can hear the heartbeat of the old man’s heart and finally breaks again and confesses.

Although ‘Tell-Tale Hearts” is told very well some people may find it somewhat “over the top”. And although I love the work of Edgar Allan Poe some of these things take a Mentally Ill person to come up with. Although I am unsure if it ever was proven signs all point towards Poe having Mental Illnesses. But as I stated I am unsure if it was proven true or false.

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