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Analytical Essay on Postcolonial Writing: Literature Review of Mohsin Hamid's The Reluctant Fundamentalist

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Postcolonial writing, by definition, is profoundly focused about the chronicles, regularly with retelling or re-evaluating the method used in post-colonial narratives that have been exhibited in western records (Ramone, J. 2013). Critical discourse analysis (CDA) can be described as an apparatus used to break down the spoken and composed writings to uncover the unrevealed philosophies. The reason for the exploration is the manner by which the writer has controlled the brain of individuals through the writing in short story ‘property of Woman’ by Sara Suleri. The goal of the examination is to feature that what sort of discourse markers, modifiers are being utilized to control the brains of readers. This present investigation responds to two inquiries: 1) What sort of discourse markers and modifiers are utilized by Sara Suleri to control the psyches of readers? 2) How these discourse markers and modifiers are clearing up the primary subject of the story ‘property of Woman’? For the investigation of information, Van Dijk’s Socio cognitive model (2006) in view of ideology and discourse, has been connected to clarify the mind control. The consequence of the investigation is that the writer has broadly utilized the lexicons which control the brains of her readers and connected with them in story. The conclusion of the examination is that the topic of the story is sociological and ethnographic case of postcolonial writing which investigates female involvement in social and political environment.


Sara Suleri is an exceptional postcolonial abstract figure. She demonstrates to us the marvel and anguish of the adolescence and encompasses us with the intense hues and sundry hints of an unpredictable postcolonial Pakistan.Suleri is portraying her memory with respect to Lahore and cicadas and landing of rainstorm. She has portrayed a character named Halima who had sentimentality about Pathar Nadi, who is the inferred and uncertain character of her story around whom the entire story is rotated. Sara has incredibly kept up the topic of solidarity and lucidness while forming the story. Being a Pakistani essayist, she has a direction in English language as her composing is enhanced in over the top utilization of fancy words making the story mind boggling and commendable.

Literature Review:

There has been much ongoing enthusiasm for conjunctions among account and personal history like journal, history, and declaration, and postcolonial setting. In spite of the fact that a portion of the key writings are general – including Moore-Gilbert’s Postcolonial life-composing (2009), Gillian Whitlock’s delicate weapons (2007). Gloria Anzaldua’s Borderlands, which is evaluated by numerous individuals to be a hypothesis of composing and character. Correspondingly, Kingston’s The Woman Warrior is regularly perused as a scholarly fiction having a portrayal as a diary. Ramone, J (2013). Mohsin Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist (2007) is an anecdotal life account about a hero Changez, who portrayed his diary in America, and depicted the political and social contrast of both Western culture and Eastern culture (An examination of Mohsin Hamid’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Abdul Baseer and Sofia Dildar Alvi, 8 August 2011). Abdul Baseer and Alvi S.D. (2011) has completed a narratological investigation by following the model of Bremond, Genette, Abbott and Reman-Kenan. Colonized were the subaltern of provincial time and postcolonial social orders have made their own subaltern. Ladies being impaired in each general public turned into the subaltern of postcolonial social orders (Abroo Nazar 2016). As Spivak has stated, ‘among man centric society and colonialism, subject constitution and item arrangement, the figure of the lady vanishes… there is no spot from where a sexed subaltern can speak’ (Spivak, 1998). Muhammad Hanif has endeavored to catch the life of a postcolonial subaltern in his novel Our Lady of Alice Bhatti (2011) and pronounced her underestimation. Alice Bhatti is a subaltern of a postcolonial society. Nayar (2008) depicts the postcolonial sub-rotation as, ‘if the local was the subaltern in the provincial time, post imperialism made in its very own subaltern, ‘ladies, bring down positions’ and classes, ethnic minority quickly turned into the others inside the postcolonial country state’.


I have gathered the discourse markers and modifiers from the short story ‘property of lady’ created by Sara Suleri, physically in a Microsoft Exceed expectations document. To talk about the power and mind control, the specialist has contrived first the arrangements of the considerable number of dictionaries and endeavoured to clarify the critical discourse analysis of the short story by tossing light upon the fundamental topics.

Critical Discourse Analysis by utilizing Van Dijk’s model.

Access: The short story has all the earmarks of being created by an eminent Pakistani author Sara Suleri with the enthusiasm for social and political conditions, in this way, she has the elite access to the general population of world. This reality makes her commitment in creating talk and gets an entrance to share her musings and convictions to all classes of society without separation.

Kind: The class is a short story which in various authors’ feelings is, ‘a short story must have a solitary state of mind and each sentence must form towards it’ (Edgar Allan Poe, 2013). The content kind is decisive in nature and is typically composed to portray the sentimentality, culture and social conditions of Lahore, Pakistan.

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Open acts and social implications: The short story is building up a talk among its perusers and examining the character of female in the public eye. As the creator herself is female and is a piece of the story, in this way she is utilizing a postcolonial way to deal with portray the Pakistan condition after parcel of 1947 and character’s association with her journal.

Participant’s position and their roles: as of now referenced the short story is composed by the writer with the enthusiasm for social and political conditions and clearly having a critical expert in the public eye as an author. An astounding character named Halima and her sentimentality about her past with respect to another character referenced in a story – Pathar Nadi – the vague character.

Discourse Act: The discourse demonstrations performed by the creator and the principle character Halima are for the most part explanatory and expressive, as they are portraying the diary and their effects to society. The talk markers and modifiers utilized by the creator and character are wealthy in number which results not just in depicting the philosophy and principle topic of story however in getting the enthusiasm of perusers moreover. Full scale Macro Semantics: the theme or title of the short story is ‘property of lady’, carefully utilized by Sara Suleri. As she is a women’s activist and postcolonial author, she hugely picks the title and attempts to depict the qualities of female through her composition. She herself is a character in her story reviewing her diary as auto diegetic storyteller. The scientist has deliberately utilized the talk markers and modifiers as a semantic element to examine the property of ladies that females utilize more talk markers and modifiers (vocabularies) in their discourse.

Superstructures: Content schemata: The superstructures are being sorted out by customary schemata which clarifies how part of content orchestrated into the entirety. A story is a talk which communicates a macrostructure which is sorted out by an account outline (Oley Nay di, 2011). The short story holds the psychological and enthusiastic capacity that unmistakably speaks to the superstructure. The writer has superbly sorted out the content and section subjects about her sentimentality and character Halima’s wistfulness, and caused the peruser to take part in story by portraying the social and social looks at Pakistan, Pakistani troops, cicadas, storm, and characters (Halima and Pathar Nadi).

Local Meaning and coherence:

  • a) Dimension of explicitness and level of culmination: the creator has broadly utilized the pronoun ‘my’ to clarify certain things with individual relationship, for instance ‘Gracious my brilliant Kasur’.
  • b) Point of view: the viewpoint of the Sara Suleri composing is self-portraying in the story ‘property of lady’ in which she depicts her journal with respect to Pakistan, her dad’s main residence Lahore.
  • c) Certainty: Sara Suleri has utilized presuppositions in regards to the music or tunes – another incredible resource of Pakistani Lollywood industry and explicit association with Pakistani troops to empower them for the skirmish of 1965. Another presupposition is about the most questionable character Pathar Nadi and his entry following seventeen years and Halima’s affections with him.

Style: Lexicon, variation of syntax and sound

  1. The word decision by creator isn’t all things considered basic, it is mind boggling, as the creator is sufficiently focused in forming the story.
  2. The utilization of pronouns is normal to portray individual relationship in story so as to cause the readers to take part in story by controlling their psyches. For example: ‘Do I need to see that steed in your room each day?’ ‘She would come back to my space to squat… … that I perceived as mine.’ ‘I told my buy.’ ‘For my insight into him comes into pieces.’ ‘Yet which of us was gathering of people.’ ‘Goodness my brilliant town Lahore!’
  3. he syntactic example of content is for the most part compound mind boggling and account is manufactured all through the story. It is by all accounts a language of discussion as it is life account and includes the creator’s close to home connection with the character Halima and Lahore, Pakistan. The beginning of the subject is with the exchange of the setting: climate of Lahore, cicada’s, and rainstorm entry, accordingly establishing the framework of fundamental topic about the story ‘property of lady’ and injecting the component of intensity or control utilized by the writer to control the brains of perusers by means of manufactured content.


The motivation behind composition a story in a particular lingual authority is to mindful the perusers from the ethnic and social conditions of his/her general public and to follow their considerations and creative abilities in story. It is the principal obligation of an essayist to raise a specific issue by illuminating it. As Sara Suleri, a women’s activist essayist, depicts the female position in a Pakistani society, Halima, her feelings, her sentimentality, her social involvement in the short story ‘property of lady’. To finish up, the specialist has endeavoured to clarify that being a postcolonial essayist, the writer has wonderfully portrayed that the topic of story is sociological and ethnographic precedent identified with postcolonial writing, which clarified the circumstance and plot uniformly, which examinations the female involvement in social and political conditions.

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