Analytical Essay on Service Marketing: Problems and Factors That Influence Marketing a Service

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Marketing a Service is a separate study that emerges as a new business Marketing technique to offer the customers with a Service well designed and implemented strategies that offer customer satisfaction. In this report, the details pertaining to Service marketing are studied and the advantages, strategies and problems are also noted. Certain characteristics of a service that are to be maintained to give positive thoughts in the customer and develop trust in them are classified. The Marketing strategies and trends differ according to various cultures because services are inherent in nature. It describes briefly, a way to start marketing service effectively. It draws the information about building customer-oriented employees to improve services offered and Moments of truth which is essential to note the response of the customers and derive the outcomes to implement new strategies. The conclusions are drawn which identify the major problems and factors that influence Marketing a Service and also to identify the patterns that necessarily improve Service Marketing.

Service Marketing

The term marketing is usually the way of communicating or promoting the advantages and then finding that the service reaches to the right person. Due to the technology growth, marketing has begun its next phase where it not only reaches the customers but also it is about taking the next right decision for the audience.

The marketing of a service, once upon a time used to refer the brand. Now a days, the service marketing is creating an experience to the customers such that they feel seamless and also to increase their brand reputation for serving the moment of needs for the consumers. The organizations will be benefited by following a proper strategical approach. These can be achieved by following few steps.

First thing is to know about the customer. With the available tech, it became easy to track the customers with social networking sites and gathering the data about their interests. Analyze their preferences and take the customer feedback and reviews to give customers the user-friendly experience. Cross-agency functional teams can also be appointed for better understanding of the customers and their needs. Addition of new technologies like AR, VR and Chat bots should be an integral part of the company and should not be treated as innovation projects. Finally, the service providers should create new patterns and experiences and allow the customers to act and take decisions on them.

Various external factors have led to changes in marketing patterns over the past few decades. With emerging global needs, the scope for international marketing reached different heights. With this global market the cultural diversity started to play a crucial role in deciding the pattern of servicing of the market. The effect of these cultural differenced on functioning of market has now become a factor of key interest for the research scholars and marketing analyzers. Various classifications of service marketing have been done depending on the marketing trends during that period to better understand the service marketing proforma.

A conclusion was made that different cultures have different marketing strategies, marketing trends and requirements. It has also been stated that the nature of the product affects the functioning of market. However, this theory couldn’t be explained on a detailed basis and hence researchers argue that a detailed approach is very much necessary and has to be found on an urgent basis to facilitate further research. It is also observed that many marketing firms provide more than one service, this has again given raise to another question on the monopolistic functioning of the market. So, it is now necessary to find out if the firms have different approaches when dealing with different cultures.

Marketing is a huge managerial discipline. The academic Marketing focuses on developing the key practices which are intended for balancing the customer orientation and also to study empirically the improper uses and effects in the organization. The shaping of customer up to the extent of service marketing practices is explained. The value and relationship are the key points of marketing a service. Services have certain characteristics like, perishability, heterogeneity, intangibility and inseparability.

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The service marketing lacks the managerial practices when subjected to the customer-oriented practices. Initial data was collected by interviews. During this process, the ideas were developed and the process was continued in stages. So, themes were introduced as to note the various data with respect to the subjectivity of service marketing. The data obtained was analyzed by using a software to understand the role of marketing of service subjected to customer orientation. The observations were made, that the changes clearly made a point to the service and relationship marketing practices.

The empirical study was conducted to know the extent of service marketing practices that can affect the employees to turn into customer-oriented people. The service marketing mix will transform the employees to customer-oriented subjectivity. The marketing of a service practices is translated into an organizational practice. The important conclusion drawn is that the ideal marketing research and the ideas that tend to the managerial practice should come with hard work and dedication of the organization rather than the subjectivity of employees to be customer friendly. They should have expertise in the field and should make the customer feel positive about the service offered.

A service is one which is intangible and is offered to the customer without transferring the ownership. Marketing a service is much more challenging as the customer purchasing it often can be regarded to as buying a risk. Marketing a service requires a good experience and should be able to create a positive vibe in the customers so that the company can earn profits and will be able to come up with strategic thoughts. The service marketing also depends on the reputation of a single person. There can be no going back to bring back the trust in the customers.

The employee must maintain a good reputation to always be on the game, gain the trust, implement new ideas and methods in the way which both the company and the organization are benefitted. The service purchased is different from a product, as there cannot be exchange and also time is more valuable than money.

For a good service, there must be traditional marketing opted. The service offered is to be clearly mentioned for its advantages and to be well identified. The Price of the service offered should give worth as well as bring profits to both the consumer and the company. The place of the service offered should be particularly mentioned. The promotions for the service should be done properly and the uses and advantages should reach the customer effectively. These are the 4 P’s considered while marketing a product. In addition to this there are other factors such as: People should be satisfied as their review helps in improving the service as well as it increases customers. Physical evidence comes into role as the user experience and ambiance creates positive thoughts for the service. The Process is also a consideration as it decides the best service that can be offered subjected to time and skills. These factors totally are to be implemented for a satisfied marketing of a service.

Moments of truth needs a special importance as it is necessary for any company to keep in mind the facts with the customer. This plays crucial role as it determines the customers’ perception relating to the brand. The promises made and the expectations achieved constitute the critical components which determine the success of the business. The positive replies are termed as moments of magic where as the negative outcomes are treated as moment of misery. So, while marketing a service, the company needs to face all the positive and negative expressions and try to outcome the defects.


In the view of service marketing, it can be concluded that Marketing a service is more difficult than that of a product. The customers and the Companies are to be profited simultaneously. The companies should make strategic ideas from time to time to avoid the negative thoughts from the consumers. A service marketing must maintain some rules and factors mentioned to clearly identify the patterns and change accordingly. A service is intangible property offered by a company, so it should see that the trust is built in the consumers. So, marketing a service requires expertise, experience and making timely decisions.


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