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Market of Service and the Effect of Service Marketing: Critical Analysis

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Executive Summary:

The rapid development of the social economy, the market competition is increasingly fierce, people's consumption demand is also higher and higher, the purchase of goods not only requires qualified quality, pay more attention to the purchase and use of the process of service in place. Therefore, in the whole marketing process, we should always put the needs and satisfaction of customers in the first place, develop effective marketing measures to expand the consumer group of products and improve the sales performance of products. Service marketing plays an important role in marketing.

Due to the rapid development of market economy globalization, the status of the service industry in the economy is gradually rising, and people's service awareness of products has been greatly improved compared with the past. As an important means of marketing, service marketing aims to improve customer satisfaction with comprehensive services according to the different needs of customers, so as to improve the economic benefits of enterprises.

1. Introduction:

1.1 Statement of the problem:

Research title: The market of service

Service marketing is a series of activities taken in the marketing process under the premise of fully understanding and satisfying consumer needs. Service as a marketing mix element. With the development of science and technology and the remarkable improvement of social productivity, industrial upgrading and specialized development of production are accelerating day by day. On the one hand, it is increasing that the service content of products, namely the service intensity of products. On the other hand, with the improvement of labor productivity, the market turns to the buyer's market, which is mean the customers are more concerned about service. As the income level of consumers increases, their consumption demand gradually changes, and the level of demand increases accordingly and expands in the direction of diversification.

the market competition is increasingly fierce, people's consumption demand is also higher and higher, the purchase of goods not only requires qualified quality, pay more attention to the purchase and use of the process of service in place. Our group would like to analyze the influence of the market of service on us through investigation.

1.2 Research Questions

How does the market of service influence business?

How does the market of service affect customers when they experience it?

1.3 Objectives

To determine the effects of the market of service

To recommend ways/methods to use the market of service to do business

1.4 Scope of Study

The study focuses on the market of service and the effect of Service marketing. Cannabis has been used for centuries for industrial, medical, and recreational purposes. After this study it will help people to be aware of sercice marketing, and having an idea about effects, and people should know how the service marketing use that service marketing could bring to us.

1.5 Sources and methods

The proposed methodology for collecting data for the research of the study of the market of service would be acquired from a combination of qualitative and quantitative secondary research data. This research using the qualitative data will be obtained through textual, visual, or oral data that is mostly from Libraries and other sources and articles from google Scholar. These methods will help this research address the research objectives and provide a more elaborate interpretation and also help analyze the effectiveness of market of service.

On the other hand, the primary strategy for the quantitative data will be obtained from surveys and questionnaires which are typically numbers in an ordered and meaningful way. The surveys and questionnaires will be distributed to students from Hanson College and from other campuses with its primary purpose to acquire information and opinions of the market of service by using a special example. The data collected from surveys and questionnaires will be gathered and analyzed in order to help support and understand the research objectives. The quantitative data will be assessed and evaluated in the overall study of the research objectives that will conclude to accept or reject the hypothesis of the study of market of service.

2. Finding and Discussion:

The findings of the study will be presented in two categories.

  1. The research from social networking and critical thinking
  2. Data collected from surveys and questionnaires(base on wonderland example)

2.1.The research from social networking and critical thinking

The specification of service:

Different enterprises have their own unique understanding of service marketing, but the service concept is much the same. In different development periods of the enterprise, in order to improve the market competitiveness, in the operation process should always follow the customer-centered service purpose, all customer-oriented, everywhere for customers think, so as to obtain good customer evaluation and affirmation. For example, Canada's wonderland changed from a 'theme park' to a 'scream park' during Halloween. In the evening guests can experience the excitement of their favorite rides and specially designed haunted attractions and performances to create a scary Halloween atmosphere.(Canadian Wonderland) We should constantly innovate service marketing methods, according to different service groups, take different service means to absorb customers, through specification of marketing services, improve service quality, expand the service target group, so as to reduce the marketing input of enterprises, reduce the operating costs of enterprises, and bring more benefits to enterprises.

Diversified service strategies:

In the current market, the needs of customers are diversified, hierarchical and personalized. It is necessary to help develop feasible and effective marketing countermeasures and provide detailed and timely product, marketing and service introduction to consumers and potential customers through various channels to attract more consumers. In Canada, we can always listen the advertisement of Canada’s Wonderland. In order to provide their diversified service, while creating a park for adults and thrill seekers, Wonderland also offers a camp spooky specifically for children. Wonderland is always conceived for children, in the children's theme park, the height of various facilities designed for children. Create small theme parks for specific groups of people. Also, according to the website of Canada’s Wonderland, the park offers a variety of rides at the moment of opening, from leisurely facilities to exciting rides, opening water parks in summer, and launching Halloween-themed activities on Halloween. They have a rigorous work style that will leave a deep and exciting impression on the adults and allow the children to record the wonderful moments when they visit the park. In addition, strange tourists in play at the same time, can listen to the sound of music, give its full sense of experience. Understand the personalized needs of customers in time, do not stick to a certain form of service, to provide a variety of comprehensive and thoughtful service, so that customers really feel that the enterprise for customers want. Service marketing plays an important role in marketing. With the continuous development of market economy, people's consumption ability has been improved. The marketing method that only relies on product quality to win cannot meet the needs of modern consumers. In the process of product marketing, enterprises should always pay attention to whether the customer's self-value can be fully reflected, to customer demand as the center, with product quality and perfect service to win consumer recognition.

Innovate service marketing strategies:

The development of enterprises cannot be separated from innovation, which is not only reflected in product innovation, but also reflected in marketing services. In recent years, people have higher and higher requirements on the quality of goods and services, which requires enterprises in the process of service marketing, to adapt to the diversified needs of customers seeking new and different services, strengthen the technical content of goods and product quality, adopt strange, special and new service strategies, and constantly innovate service methods .Canada's wonderland illustrated that exhilarating cliff-jumping water park attractions and children's airplane flight experience mountain bay cliffs and soaring over the beagle resort airport at Vaughn location, which will be shown on 2020.(Canada’s Wonderland) Guests can experience the joy of jumping off cliffs from a variety of heights, as well as the ultimate challenge of conquering the 7.5-meter (25-foot) highest peak. (Canada’s Wonderland) The Beagle Brigade airport will fly into Planet Snoopy next year to bring smiles to children and parents. Norm Pirtovshek, general manager of wonderland Canada, said: 'we are committed to finding new ways to provide interesting, immersive and memorable experiences to guests of all ages.'

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2.2. Oral Questionnaire with data conclusion

We collected the data by taking 50 samples(In-person) from our campus to collect the data

1. What is your age?

30% of 16-20

30% of 21-25

20% of 25-30

20% of 30+

2. Have you ever enjoyed any services of marketing?

95% of Yes

0% of No

5% of Not Sure

3. Do you agree that Canada Wonderland is an example of doing business with service marketing? (Open children's theme parks and develop new programs and activities every year)

90% of Yes

10% of No

4. If you are a customer of Canada wonderland do you think you will attract to go to Canada wonderland because they provide great service marketing?

60% of go to Wonderland 2 times or more

25% of the first time to go to Wonderland

15% don’t want to go to Wonderland

5. Which of the following do you think will most likely impact when using service marketing on the long term?

20% of Negatively

80% of Positively

Through the small oral questionnaire survey on campus, we can summarize and find that service marketing plays an important role in the development of business. Service marketing has a positive influence and role in the development of business, which can attract consumers' attention and attract them to participate in and consume. In addition, we suggest that we should collect opinions and feedback from more consumers so that magnetic energy can keep our business growing.

3. Conclusion and Recommendation:

Service marketing plays an important role in enterprise marketing. It is necessary to pay close attention to market changes, strengthen service marketing strategies, constantly summarize the experience, and innovate and optimize. Enterprises should follow the principle of customer first, guide consumers to purchase the products they need, meet their consumption needs, expand and stabilize consumer groups, give play to the role of public praise, and promote the long-term development of enterprises in the fierce competition environment.

4. Reference:

  1. Amusement Park in Toronto, Ontario. (n.d.). Retrieved from
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