And Then There Were None: The Choice Between Right And Wrong

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And Then There Were None is the most popular novel written by Agatha Christie which is considered the greatest mystery novel that was ever written. In this masterpiece that has a mixture of murder and suspense, Mr. Owen gathers ten strangers who share shameful pasts together on an isolated island. However, the guests don’t recognize the identity of the host that invited them. As they start telling their deepest, darkest secrets to each other, one by one, they start to die. The author of And Then There Were None was Agatha Christie who set the theme of a powerful journey leading the main characters to make a decision about their survival and fate, the way the writer goes into different components to show how this theme materialize about is irony. She uses this technique to get the full attention of the audience based on how the mystery in this novel brings up about missing characters and who will be the lost standing. The author creates a point in the novel which is a very suspenseful view that will catch everyone’s attention.

The novel uses distraught emotions to develop the characters, twisting them in ways they would not turn to. For example, it is not likely for the calm and usually optimistic Vera Claythorne to steal Philip Lombard’s revolver and turn on him. The people on the Indian Island fear that the murderer is among them and are willing to do actions that they never expected to commit, not to mention that some of the guests were already being haunted by their terrible crimes. Another example includes their food and eating habits. When the guests arrive on the island, their morale is high, and they eat a very expensive and well-prepared meal together; but as the novel continues, their food seems less impressive, such as canned meat; and eventually, some guests refuse to eat at all, which leads to a downturn in the mood. Their food represents the emotional and psychological stress that all of the inhabitants of Indian Island were caught up into.

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The Catholic theme that was closely related to the story is The Unjust Judge that says “Then Jesus told them a parable about their need to pray always and not to lose heart. He said, 'In a certain city there was a judge who neither feared God nor had respect for people. Justice Wargrave is an unjust judge who is comparable to the judge that Jesus mentioned in the catholic theme. The significance of the theme is that it tells the readers that this novel is a mystery of unsolved crimes, the elements that reflect with this style are irony, tone and mood. It is important because it shows how there are people who have an exceptional job tend to be malicious because of what they try to believe in. Also, the irony with this progress is how different techniques get into the reader's mind with all the disappearances on the island that settles with the suspense that it reminds them of their tragic past. The tone and mood of the novel set out how it is dark and sinister that puts the mood very dramatically to each event leading up to their loss.

Trust, deception and immorality in the mystery novel discuss matters that happen most of the time in everyday life. Everything represents each chapter, and it presents us in ways that we don’t understand right away. They require a certain level of thought in order to be understood clearly. In which the author hopes to bring out. Trust is the key element of our lives. For instance, we need to choose whom we can confide in and whether we should believe in our friends or the people who are close to us. If those ten people on the island really want to stay alive, they should be aware of those who are truly trustworthy. However, they need to choose wisely, for one out of the ten is the murderer. Everyone in the house has their suspicions on who was making all the things up. No matter what the circumstances are, they remain immutable about not trusting each other. Having no one to trust makes all of them uneasy, making each of them more susceptible to being the next victim of the murderer. Having no one to trust only uncovers us to the point that we ruin ourselves, and when we trust the wrong person, the inevitable happen sooner than what’s expected.

The practice of deceiving someone by concealing the truth is ,unfortunately, also a part of life. however, the story involves the death of an individual. Lombard and Vera face the fact when they appear to be the last ones who are alive on the island. Instead of being the nice woman Vera seems to be, she turned out to be more despicable. Vera fools a lot of people with her act of being paranoid about having known that the killer follows the poem with his killings. It is herself that she needs to be wary of, and she is not doing a good job of that, because Vera kills Lombard in the end. Death comes in many ways, Murder is one of them. This immorality is the basis of the entire novel that made it more interesting. One by one, each one of the ten people die by someone else’s indecent actions. Even at the end of the novel where Vera shoots Lombard whom she liked, she had committed a crime that was against her will, even though she was trying to defend herself what she did wasn’t necessary, she still made a wrong choice by choosing to take someone else’s life. Immorality plagues our society deeply and most of the time we think that everything we do is the right thing. In conclusion, Some have twisted morals so much that they may think that the most immoral action is supposedly acceptable.

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