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Argumentative Essay: K-12 Schools Should Start Later

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Have you ever got up on Monday morning and felt like you needed more sleep? Students are required to have eight to ten hours of sleep every night to function best for the day, but it’s not possible when having to juggle homework, sports, work, and social life. Many students have a hard time staying awake during lectures; they are more grumpy and very irritable throughout the day. Sleep is vital to your well-being. Sleep is as important as what you put into your body. K-12 schools should start later in the morning in order for students to get the required amount of sleep to be able to focus and engage in school, have a better attitude, and have better physical and mental health. Students need plenty of sleep to be able to function well in school. They often sit in class listening to a teacher talk for hours. But when they are tired, it is nearly impossible to stay awake and be engaged. That could cause students to not learn anything.

Students fall behind, and make their grades drop. With a lack of sleep, humans are prone to making mistakes and will not be able to do the work. Think about how many students drive to school. Do you think it is safe for a student to be tired when driving? By changing the school start time from 7:00 a.m to 9:00 a.m, students would gain an hour or two of sleep which can make a big difference in a student’s academic performance. Moving the time could also help students who have a sporting event and didn’t get home until 11:00 p.m. Students now has the opportunity to stay up late and do her homework, so instead of having to wake up at 6:00 a.m. and only getting seven hours of sleep; this student can sleep until 8:00 a.m. and get eight hours of sleep, giving her a chance to stay awake during school and be able to focus and engage in the classroom. After a sleepless night, we feel irritated and short-tempered. But with a good night’s sleep, it has been shown that students are much happier and exhibit a better attitude. With a good attitude comes the ability to be motivated and push for higher academic achievement, also shows a direct influence of self-confidence on school achievement.

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We can agree that when we change our behavior, we change our performance. A good attitude can aid students in making new friends. Students who exhibit a good attitude also tends to make better connections with teachers, which can make it easier to reach out if they need help or support from the teacher because they already have built that bond. If we increase our hours of sleep, we can lower the bully rate because children will be well-rested. Not to mention that the attendance rate will increase. Most students do not bother coming to school because they can’t get out of bed, but with a later starting time, they will have enough sleep and time to get to school on time. Starting school later can help combat depression, anxiety, sleep deprivation and obesity. Lack of sleep can lead to a sleep deficit that results in lasting physical and mental health problems. The one major effect of little sleep is stress. School is already very stressful but add a lack of sleep, and we are looking at major health issues.

Stress can lead to heart attacks, headaches, diabetes, and even death. One of the biggest growing concerns in America is obesity among young adults. But we can solve that by letting students get the sleep they need to help fight obesity, and stress. Having little to no stress can help clear up students’ brains, so they can focus on the task at hand. Many students are part of a school sports team, which is very good for their physical health but what if they are not getting the right amount of sleep? Of course, they are not going to have enough energy to perform at their best, leading them to feel depressed because they lack confidence and energy. When getting enough sleep, we wake up happier and feel good about ourselves and want to take care of our body. It is clear that sleep is important for the health of the entire body. When we feel good, we tend to look good. Some might argue that the later school time would affect students and family members because they say that if we start later, students will be at school even longer, and they won’t be done with school activities or sports till later in the day. But they do not understand the bigger picture, and that it is okay if they get home late because they will still benefit from sleep and parents can move their time for other after school activities or plans, change is a part of life, so this will teach students to change and adapt to life.

They have also pointed out that waking up early will teach students life skills. They claim that some jobs require them to wake up early; you can’t always choose the time you want to work. Again, they are not understanding how sleep is more important than life skills right now. Students’ brains are still developing, so they require more sleep than grown adults. And even nowadays, jobs and expectations are changing dramatically, so flexible working hours have become a norm for our generation. Sleep deprivation is a major problem facing many grade school students. Starting later in the morning will improve student performance in school because students will be more alert and able to earn better grades and push themselves to perform at a higher level. It will also decrease absences. A later time can also help with decreasing obesity and other health problems often associated with a lack of sleep.It will allow drivers to be more alert and decrease the number of accidents due to drowsy driving. while some parents or officials believe starting school later would cause problems with sports schedules and extracurricular activity, they are not understanding that sleep actually improves sports teams and their attitudes towards school and their peers building a stronger bond.

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