Breastfeeding In Public: Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography

1. Boyer, K. (2018). The Emotional Resonances of Breastfeeding in Public: The Role of Strangers in breastfeeding Practice.Emotion, Space and Society,26, 33–40.

In this article, breastfeeding is discussed as being a “iconic symbol of succor” and “comfort giving.” The article is explaining how breastfeeding is natural and has many health benefits for not only the baby but for the mother as well. It also goes into detail about how breastfeeding may also cause physical and psychic discomfort. The article also conducted interviews, surveys, and participation observations explaining how strangers play an important role on how they shape a mother's experiences, thoughts and feelings about their breastfeeding choice, to either breastfeeding public or private.

2. Breastfeeding in Public. (2016). Salem Press Encyclopedia. Retrieved from

Breastfeeding your child is the first way as humans we nourished our children. Human nature to turn to your child when they are hungry and crying to feed them and calm them. Since the introduction of the formula, it gave women a sense of freedom and was also created to help children who were malnourished and needed more. Bottle feeding was very expensive and became a symbol for wealth, and privilege. Breastfeeding became a “primitive act” only done by the poor. Also adding that since the introduction of “Playboy” the female breasts were being looked at more sexually than as a way to provide nourishment for you child, so they were now becoming sexually objectified. By the 1970s breastfeeding rates started to increase.

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3. Breastmilk- Netflix Documentary (2014)

This documentary followed the lived of different women and revealed the difficulties and rewards of breastfeeding their child, or children. It shed light on idea that breastfeeding should be socially accepted to be done in public because it is natural. It also revealed how hard it is as working mothers to be forced to bottle feed their child because they are afraid to request time during their work shift to pump for breastmilk. This documentary discusses how in society pregnancy is viewed as beautiful and natural but then the aftermath of what is considered “not so beautiful” after the baby arrives.

4. Breast or bottle?: Contemporary Controversies in Infant Feeding Policy and PracticeKoerber, Amy (Amy Lunn)Columbia, South Carolina: The University of South Carolina Press, [2013]

Koerber reveals the changing arguments of whether “breast is best” or if bottle feeding is. Discussing the benefits of breastfeeding through textual analysis, archival research, and interviews. Koerber also uses a case study to explain whether there is a relationship between scientific data in regards to breastfeeding and its impact on medical policy and practices.

5. Murphy, E. (1999). “Breast is best”: Infant feeding decisions and maternal deviance. Sociology of Health & Illness,21(2), 187–208. Retrieved from

Breastfeeding being considered deviant behavior, women face many challenges in which they are forced to feel that they have to defend their stance on whether they should breastfeed in public or not. Feeling judged and pressured by societal norms. Data from longitudinal qualitative interview study explains the choices made by mothers. Video: The Issue of Breastfeeding in Public. (2011). Local Broadcast Video Content. CriticalMention, Inc. Retrieved from

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