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Camus And Sartre's Views On Existentialism

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Existentialism is a way of thinking about finding oneself and the significance of life through choice, decision, and moral obligation. The belief is that individuals are looking to discover who and what they really are throughout their life as they settle on decisions depending on their encounters, beliefs, and viewpoints. Individual decisions become extraordinary without the need for a target type of truth. An existentialist accepts that an individual ought to be compelled to pick and be dependable without the assistance of laws, ethnic standards, or agreement. Existentialism is comprehensively characterized in an assortment of ideas and there can be not one single answer with respect to what it is. There is a wide assortment of philosophical, religious, and political beliefs that make up existentialism so there isn’t a true comprehension of the course of action of guidelines and beliefs. Governmental issues fluctuate, yet every look for the most individual opportunity for individuals are inside the general public.

Existentialism has had a major impact on society to the point that existentialistic thoughts left a period in the public eye when there was a profound feeling of despair following the Great Depression and World War II. There was a spirit of positive thinking and hope in a society that was torn down by World War I and its mid-century disasters. The despair was voiced by existentialist philosophers back then and has proceeded right up to the present day.

An existentialist could be a religious individual, relativist, or an atheist. Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Sartre, and Camus are all given credit for their efforts and compositions about existentialism. Sartre is given credit for pointing out existentialism worldwide in the twentieth century. Each of the individuals concurs that human life is not the slightest bit nor completely fulfilling in light of misery and misfortunes that happen when thinking about the absence of flawlessness, influence, and control one has over their lives. Even though they do concur that life isn't ideally fulfilling, life in any case has meaning. Existentialism is simply the quest and adventure of finding oneself and the true meaning in life.

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Sartre, one of the atheist philosopher who was also a playwright, novelist, screenwriter, political activist, biographer, literary critic, and exponent of Existentialism which is a philosophy acclaiming the freedom of the individual human being, implies that people need to stop trying to force themselves into these perfect human examples. That individuals should live their lives rather than being glorified by these false perfect human ideas and beliefs. This implies individuals are in charge of finding the importance of their life. This also implies individuals have a purpose throughout their everyday life, and the purpose is the individual is in charge of making their own decisions for themselves. Individuals are only characterized by what they have created through the decisions and choices they have made.

Albert Camus, another atheist philosopher who was also an author and journalist, created the thought about absurdism. Camus accepted that there is a disagreement between attempting to discover worth and importance throughout everyday life. He also talked about the inability to find purpose in today’s society because of how crazy it is. When Campus implied “Living without appeal, ' he offered a similar layout on which existentialism is based upon that an individual must find oneself and the significance of life through choice, decision, and moral obligation, for themselves without impact from the outside world. Camus states since there is no significance to life for some people, that is why they end it all. Some may think life is useless and “living without appeal” is living with the freedom to have the option to find importance and reasoning for your life.

In conclusion, Camus and Sartes were very close friends in the early stages of their friendship. Throughout their friendship, there was a lot of disagreement that tore these two individuals apart. Although both of their thoughts offer very close viewpoints, and both share the idea of existentialism, the differences between these two philosophers and their thoughts came down to Camus disagreeing with Sarte. Camus believed that living without appeal is the only way one can find their true purpose, and if there is no purpose found then life is pointless. Sartre, on the other hand, accepted that individuals are not destined to become the perfect human and that individuals fit in based on the decisions they make. Just like everything in today’s world, nobody knows what to believe in without there being proof. Until there is some proof, the answer to which is correct, if either, is unknown.

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