Child Abuse: Types, Reasons And Effects

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Children are the backbone and treasure of country. They are the power house of Nation. Today’s children are the men and women of tomorrow who will be the designers and moulders of a Nation. The children have limitless supply of vitality, determination, potential, passion and enthusiasm and have ability to build the destiny of nation. Societal monstrous like beggary, child marriage, child labour, drug addiction, child abuse, etc. cripple the appropriate maturing of nippers.

Child abuse

Child abuse is any behaviour like violence or viciousness caused by a parent or caregiver that harms a child. Sometimes children are maltreated by adults on whom they dependent such as nursery workers, teachers, sports coaches, etc.

1.7 billion children encounter abuse across the world. 3500 death are caused per year on account of child abuse in developed Nations. 75% of all children are subjected to abuse per annum.

Child abuse is not merely physical brutality directed at a little ones. There are numerous forms of child injustice encompasses physical abuse, abandon, sexual abuse, exploitation and emotional abuse.

Types of child abuse

Physical abuse

Physical abuse is a non-accidental physical injury caused by a parent or caregiver to a child. Smacking, striking, thrashing, frightening, nipping, scalding, scraping, strangling or choking a child are all examples of physical abuse.

Sexual abuse

Sexual abuse occurs when the child is used for sexual purposes or involved in sexual acts by adults. It also includes when a child used for sexual gratification or excitement by another child who is older and more powerful.

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Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse is when a child’s mental and social development are harmed or causes severe emotional harm by an adult, parent or caregiver. Persecuting, yelling, segregating, lambasting, frightening, ignoring and humiliating are all examples of emotional abuse.

Child neglect

Child neglect is when the care, supervision, affection and support needed for a child’s health, safety and well-being are not given by a parent or caregiver. Child neglect encompasses: physical neglect, inadequate supervision, emotional neglect, medical neglect and educational neglect.

Reasons for child abuse

Some people abuse children for several reasons including a crave to feel dominant, they themselves encounters maltreatment as children, they don’t understand that a child have a right to feel safe, they think it’s right or appropriate.

Effects of child abuse

Child maltreatment and neglect cause permanent or long lasting cicatrix on the child. It is arduous to erase the cicatrix from the child’s memory and as well as from the body.

Child abuse affect the child’s health, relationships, learning and education.

If a child is abused it cause negative effects on a child lead to mortification, self-accusation, anger towards the abuser, fear of getting intimate and believing people, depression, complicated, low self-assurance, reminiscence, ephialtes, reliving the abuse, denial that it happened, difficulty at school with learning new things and socializing with others.

Adults may find it arduous to manage with life’s tension, get a good job or be a good parent when they were maltreated as children. They also have problems like psychological problems, drug or alcohol issues, villainous behaviour or showing signs of deleterious behaviour themselves.

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