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Cloud Computing Essay

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Table of contents

  1. Impacts/ Changes
  2. Key Players
  3. Software Applications
  4. Significance

Within the last decade, technology has brought to us many significant contributions, and cloud computing is one of them. Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather on a local server or personal computer. Prior to the development of cloud computing, most users had to store their data on physical hard drives, which became costly and often deteriorated over time. For most companies, significant amounts of money were spent in order to maintain, manage, and expand the data centers. As a result, cloud computing was introduced as a virtual concept to combat the failing technology.

As data continued to grow at an exponential rate, the traditional method was no longer deemed compatible. More equipment, personnel, and a larger space would have to be acquired as an accommodation. In addition, data loss was a huge disadvantage in using traditional storage to due corrupted hard disks. With cloud computing, users could have access to all the data, given that they have a compatible device connected to the Wi-Fi.

Impacts/ Changes

Cloud computing offers an innovative method of delivering IT services efficiently. Extent literature suggests that cloud technology can enhance the level of services in various industries, including healthcare services. There is the perception that one day, cloud computing would be the 5th utility (after water, electricity, gas, and telephone). This computing utility, like all other four existing utilities, will provide the basic level of computing service that is considered essential to meet the everyday needs of the general community.

One benefit cloud computing can have for the tech field is cost reduction and increased efficiency, meaning a low barrier of entry and the use of the paper-model used by cloud computing makes it very versatile. A cloud provider can provide many resources to a wide range of customers and help to maintain the infrastructure. The companies that rely on third-party providers, thus, could direct their attention to other objectives such as customer relationship and product development.

It is expected that cloud computing will affect IT jobs most strongly in the next 5-10 years. The role of help desk personnel will not be eliminated. However, it is likely that both help desk and system support staff positions will taper off as companies relocate to the third-party cloud service providers from internal management. However, security has always been a big issue that requires much attention, therefore exists a greater need for individuals the cybersecurity department.

Key Players

Arash Ferdowsi the founder of Dropbox and Aaron Levis the founder of Box are two important figures in shaping the field of cloud computing. Both companies are utilizing cloud-based services to serve the need of many modern consumers and organizations. As a result, they have gained much popularity within the last few years as cloud computing became the preferred method of data storage.

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Arash Ferdowsi was an Iranian-American born in 1985. Arash went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he learned the necessary skills to start Dropbox in 2007 (now worth billions of dollars). As a startup company, Dropbox was not initially well-known, and many investors turned away from the company’s mission. Once thought as an absurd idea, Dropbox has reached 500 million users and helped Arash to become a billionaire.

Aaron Levie was also born in 1985. Aaron was developing Box in college as a business project in 2004. Aaron disliked the way many organizations were storing their data, so he took it upon himself to create a cloud-base service to improve its efficiency. In 2005, Levie took a break from school to launch Box. Due to the company’s immense success the following years, they switched their focus from using Box as a consumer-based service to business-oriented service. In addition to having individual users, Box has grown their business by assisting large companies, organizations, celebrities, even governmental agencies to store and manage their data in a secured and reliable manner.

Software Applications

The cloud helps companies to share, store, and minimize resource at a lower cost and with more flexibility. Google Drive, Amazon Drive, OneDrive, Box, and Dropbox are software provided to make this possible. Not only can users access their data through laptops and personal computers, high-performance infrastructure also granted access to mobile devices. That means, employees can access data at the grip of their phone, able to edit, send, and save it at anytime and anywhere on Earth!

Users also have access to their data on any device, given that it’s a compatible device that is connected to the Wi-Fi. They no longer have to store files on USBs or other external hardware to be able to work on them. Cloud computing also allows users to simultaneously work together in real time, making virtual work collaboration possible.

With these practices also come threats. When transitioning assets and/or operations to the cloud, organizations lose some visibility and control of their data. The use of third-party cloud services could increase malware infections or data exfiltration since the organizations are unable to completely protect their resources. Third-party companies such as Box or Dropbox could breach into the data and sell them to interested parties.


This is by the far the most significant trend that is affecting the field of information technology. Both private consumers and companies benefit from cloud-based services offered. As one could observe from a global point of view, organizations and companies alike utilize cloud computing to the fullest extent in order to shape and develop their business models, allowing them to direct their attention toward other ventures while expanding their range of customers and clienteles. As future IT professionals, it is extremely vital for one to stay up-to-date with the current technology. It is equally important to keep an open mindset and has the willing attitude to learn. Technology is always changing, and if one refuses to be educated, he or she might fall behind.

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