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Private Cloud Computing: How to Access and Use Private Cloud

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Cloud computing is additional considered as an originating technology. Cloud computing, and private cloud particularly, have modified fully the method that organizations deploy and manage business important enterprise applications. By combining the pliability and reliability of server virtualization with the serenity of management and provisioning of cloud computing, private cloud makes it a lot of less complicated for businesses to require advantage of enterprise applications as a platform that are absolutely increased for these crucial services. And businesses these days are skirting private cloud to a high degree.

Cloud Computing and its Deployment and Service Consumption Models

By definition, cloud computing is “a kind of computing surroundings, where administrator contract out their computing desires, including application software services, to a 3rd party and once they got to use the computing power or staff got to use the application resources like database, emails etc., they approach the assets via Internet”.

There are three cloud service development and consumption models: public, private and hybrid. Public cloud makes use of basic cloud computing model and makes resources accessible to all or any users over the Internet. Public cloud services are also offered on pay-per usage basis or is also free. Private cloud is a cloud computing model operated just for one institution/organization. It'll be managed internally or a 3rd party and hosted internally or outwardly. Using this model will grow the business if security hazards are handled rigorously. It prices extra major expenditure as assets should be fresh periodically. Private cloud is additionally referred as internal cloud or corporate cloud. Hybrid cloud is combination of cloud service utilizing both private and public clouds to perform distinct functions among institution/organization. In practice, an enterprise cloud implements hybrid cloud to host their e-commerce web site among a private cloud, where it's safer and a lot of climbable, however their catalogue web site is in public cloud, wherever it's a lot cheaper.

A Simple Way to Private Cloud

Cloud computing has become a major competitive advantage for several organizations these days. These organizations have learned that private cloud empower them to urge the most out of their infrastructure, cut back IT prices, and a lot of simply and expeditiously utilize the tight applications that run their business so that they will target modernization. And leading organizations grasp that moving their business to private cloud needn't be a tricky task. By operating with skilled and knowledgeable cloud suppliers, these leading companies will take a hurried and straight-forward path to personal cloud. And with these cloud capabilities, they're more simply able to advantage business important applications in environments designed to run them at their best. To achieve these advantages of enhanced application performance, increased dependability, and savings in IT expenditures, businesses ought to consider the subsequent points, beside a few the advantages of private cloud:

  1. Choose for a private cloud platform that leaves you positioned for future growth and supports changing IT into a partner with all shareholders among the business.
  2. Continue your enterprise applications always operating. By investment the correct private cloud provider, successful businesses gain higher dependableness and avoid expensive period for their crucial applications.
  3. Boost application management. Leading organizations benefit of the most effective private cloud management efficiency so as to under-stand how their crucial applications are operative and avoid problems that may cause lost revenues.
  4. Maintain your organization to advantage future technologies. Operating your application on a private cloud can build a solid base permanently enhancements and new options in your crucial application infrastructure. And by creating a solid infrastructure base maintained by private cloud solutions, organizations will make the most of the most recent and greatest technologies with lowest to no expense or resources.
  5. Enable a target on crucial application needs. By operating with a private cloud provider, leading organizations will offload several of the complications and everyday tasks of running crucial applications. They additionally aid from the fact that, to satisfy SLAs, the provider can work rigorously to take care of performance and avoid time period and alternative problems.

Uses of Private Cloud

  • Expenditure savings. IT departments a tasked with providing effective solutions that stay cost-efficient. Pressure to create sensible use of accessible resources is constant however non-public cloud opens new avenues for IT. Private cloud solutions build knowledge centers to subsequent level of potency and automation, permissive them to advance their existing resources and investments, likewise as reducing manager over-heads. An OpenStack private cloud could be a sensible possibility for the development of latest cloud-based applications and workloads, it's additionally a wonderful platform for knowledge center revolution, permitting existing virtualized workloads to be migrated to a lot of efficient surroundings.
  • Agile surroundings. It’s no surprise that public cloud has be-come well-liked for organizations needed to quickly spin up environments for the event and testing of latest applications. A standard internal knowledge center is extremely slow and inflexible and has surroundings to permit the groups to hold out agile develops projects. That each one changes with a non-public cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service resolution like OpenStack Cloud. By conveyance a pool of shared, on-demand resources that may be briskly deployed and simply managed, you get all the speed and suppleness you wish for an economical and agile Dev-Test environment.
  • Distribution of production work-loads. These days, nearly each organization are within the software development business. The Internet, mobility and social business opportunities have modified however we tend to reach, communicate with and service our customers. New applications and workloads are the resulting in successfully competing in these new markets. Some analysis reveals that some firms may look to the public cloud to develop new software applications and decide to drift these workloads to their own private cloud once they are prepared for production use.
  • Upgrading flexibility. Almost each trendy business should be able to instantly and simply fit ever-changing demands while not deceleration down. Some changes are expected, like web site traffic throughout your peak retail season. A private cloud resolution offers the de-sired speed of response and suppleness by making a versa-tile knowledge center surroundings. Together with your laptop resources pooled and simply managed, you'll quickly assign a lot of capability and capability once you want it. A private cloud approach allows IT to quickly deploy an application and therefore the needed resources on demand, before shutting them down quickly upon completion. providing on-demand scalability and suppleness, private cloud addresses computing capability problems while not over-provisioning, At the same time increasing revenue and minimizing chance prices.
  • Security and agreement. Public clouds are secure, however the short-age of visible controls usually considerations business leaders. A private cloud offers all the advantages of public cloud whereas guaranteeing choices around security and agreement stay firmly within the control of the enterprise.

OwnCloud – a Private Cloud

Many organizations nowadays are using cloud to synchronize files present in many locations over the Internet. Cloud vendors are providing completely different software for this purpose. However, it's crucial to keep up the protection of those files within the cloud that is often a serious concern to the business enterprises. Moreover, the matter lies in using the proprietary code wherever it finds terribly overpriced to share the files often on routine work schedule.

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To overcome these problems, an open-source software ownCloud is developed that offers file synchronizing and file sharing options firmly. It offers the users to access files quickly through the WebDAV. It can be used to view and access the user details, set the date and time, bookmarks across all the cloud user systems. The server software is downloaded and put in within the UNIX system server and solely smallest efforts are needed while not the necessity for special permissions. It is extendible employing a plain however authoritative API for plugins and alternative software applications. On the other end, the clients shall be either desktop/ mobile for data synchronize. Desktop clients support Windows 7, 8.x, 10 versions, UNIX system distributions and raincoat OS X versions, while Apple AppStore, Android, Google Play and BlackBerry systems are mobile purchasers.

OwnCloud has the subsequent options that makes it to be wide used as private cloud:

  1. Access share and synchronize user data. Files, image galleries, calendars, contacts, etc. are accessed, hold on and synchronized on a server preferred by cloud users. Keep data is accessed and shared either public or private with other users from the user’s desktop systems, mobile devices or an online browser. The files with recent versions are obtained anytime with the desktop systems, mobile app, or Internet client.
  2. Versioning. An important feature that ought to be enabled in any application for retrieving the recent files, ownCloud habitually saves the recent files of the cloud users in several versions. The choice relating to what extent data is saved shall be done by configuration. To revert the changes, one's file shall be moved to the sooner version.
  3. Encryption. As ownCloud is private and used solely among the organization, securing the files is critical that is achieved by encrypting them. File Firewall provides restricted access to its cloud users and administrators to follow the access rules related to its server. The determination of file access is set by the granularity of rules.
  4. Drag and drop transfer. With this feature, a user need not want to install the complete ownCloud client and he may simply go online to the net browser directly. Then he may drag the files from desktop systems and drop them into the preferred target folder into the net browser where the ownCloud client resides.
  5. ODF Files Viewer. Using this characteristic, anyone may view the open document formats and shall click on any ODF formatted document for reading it from the net browser while not downloading.
  6. Migration, backup and logging. Many occurrences of ownCloud installed with main and backup support may merely move ownCloud user accounts among ownCloud occurrences and shall comprise a backup set when required. ownCloud may also be used to write in system log files additionally to the present ownCloud log file that helps to keep track of the changes and access.
  7. Tasks, calendars and application store. With the Tasks features enabled within the application, one may straightforwardly synchronize one’s to-do lists with the ownCloud occurrence. One can share necessary calendar and necessary events by enabling the Calendar feature. Any ownCloud users shall open the Calendar and by choosing the share option shall prefer the users or their teams for whom it ought to be shared. Enabling a new application in settings, one can add existing applications to ownCloud, which can be download-ed automatically in the ownCloud instance.
  8. File notifications and galleries. The File Notification feature once given can build the files and its corresponding documents like movies, video clips, and others to be shared quickly and simply. One will specify the ownCloud picture directories in order to possess control, additionally sort order, share galleries with any email address by selecting, and control whether others can share those photos with anyone else.
  9. Jive collaboration. Jive, a leading enterprise social collaboration and communication solutions is currently configured for ownCloud as a data storage center. That's the files stored in Jive can be seen within the folders of ownCloud. Here Jive is a system and ownCloud would act as a proxy that gives end to end file access on the desks of cloud users on the move.
  10. LDAP/Active Directory. OwnCloud allows administrators to handle users and their teams from Lightweight Directory Access Protocol or Active Directory instance.
  11. User controls and alerts. OwnCloud v6.0 users have new controls that improve productivity and usefulness. An Undelete control allows deleted files to be recovered from the bin. A conflict handling dialog warns users who are uploading files that already exist; and the new Activity Stream feature allows users to check all file and sharing activities related to their files.
  12. Sharing notifications. An elective feature in ownCloud v6.0 is that emails will be sent to users and teams once files or/and folders are shared. This feature permits proactive notification of necessary sharing events that facilitates collaboration, once project groups are operating underneath tight deadlines.

With of these options, ownCloud will meet the necessities of organizations to store confidential knowledge among their premises.

Performance Measure of OwnCloud

It is needed to measure the performance of ownCloud that shall be considered as a very important issue for enhancing the speed of cloud operations. As several database applications reside on ownCloud, the scalability of huge clustered servers that are running parallel with central database storage is crucial. This happens because of the database queries that are raised often and is tough to scale them. The execution time of a large set of Lines of Code (LoC) is that the major thought for measure the performance of the sort of cloud that's employed in any enterprise. It's noted that the search with the large users’ files can take longer to complete the method instead it might never finish throughout the launching of such files within the CPU of the ownCloud server.


In this paper, we tend to first be mentioned what is cloud computing, services provided by cloud computing, why cloud computing, numerous models of cloud computing, a simple way to private cloud, its uses and ownCloud private cloud with its result discussion. This paper has highlighted of these problems with cloud computing-private cloud. We believe that due to the quality of the cloud, it'll be tough to attain end-to-end security. So, by opting a private cloud we can attain this.


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