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Cloud Computing: Clear Benefits and Potential Drawbacks

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Cloud computing services provide many benefits to help make our lives easier. Cloud computing is storing, managing and processing information over the Internet, which is known as the ‘cloud’. The benefits of such services are that it reduces costs significantly, organizes data, and is time effective. Big corporations can store large amounts of data without investing in costly hardware. It’s also a very efficient way to organize a large quantity of data all the while reducing the risk of it getting lost. While the data is being protected, it saves the company a lot of time, because the data stored is easily accessible. With few clicks, companies are able to process a large quantity of data to increase their customer service. Furthermore, as mentioned in the article “ service providers will handle all of the maintenance and upkeep of their IT infrastructures, allowing business to spend more time on higher-value work...”. This proves that businesses can use their free time to perfect other sectors of their business rather than worrying about data storage.

Some of the problems that the cloud computing services tackle are security, collaboration and it's cost effective. Nowadays, security is a major concern, everyone wants their data to be safe and private. Since these services have become very popular, they have advanced in security and protection, to meet the demands of its customers. Moreover, people are able to communicate and work together even if they're on opposite sides of the world through cloud computing. People are able to share and edit files on cloud services such as google docs, or Microsoft to save time and work efficiently. Lastly, companies are saving money after switching to cloud services as the pay plan is very flexible. A pay-as-you-go plan lets businesses pay for the number of services they've used or they can pay all at once and use the service limitlessly. Which is better than wasting money on various different hardware to store the same amount of data.

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Cloud computing has some disadvantages such as its dependency on Internet connection, security and technical issues. In order to send and retrieve files from the cloud, you need an Internet connection. If there is a power outage or a storm, you experience some drawbacks. Although technology is advancing and companies are improving their security, it is still not 100% safe. It can be misused by hackers who will be able to access all your data. It is hard to distinguish which provider to trust. In 2015, Amazon’s outage affected several other companies such as Netflix, Reddit, IMDb and more. If there are technical issues, companies are unable to solve them by themselves, they will have to call their service provider. Plus, it may take some time to fix the issue, which could lead to additional drawbacks.

Businesses that are most likely to benefit from using cloud computing are healthcare and financial organizations, companies with multiple offices, and education sector. All these require a strong connection to be able to connect with its customers or users. For example, in the education field, parents and teachers need a way to connect and deliver information to one another while saving paper. They can effectively do this by using cloud services such as an online messaging app that will make it easier for teacher s and parents to communicate. Furthermore, businesses that have more than one office should definitely invest in this technology because apps such as document sharing will benefit them when they want to work on a project from different locations. This will be time effective and get employees to finish their work faster. Also, healthcare and financial organizations have a lot of data to store, therefore cloud computing makes it easier to organize and easily access all the data. They need to be able to locate data instantly for customers every day, hence this technology allows them to provide the best customer service. Lastly, all the businesses save a lot of money while using these services and reducing the extra stress level of not having to worry about the IT part of the business.

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