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Critical Essay on How Did WW1 Lead to WW2

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Some states made dissatisfied treaties such as the Treaty of Versailles as a result of World War 1 and this caused another war. The Second World War lasted between 1939 and 1945 and millions lost their lives in this war. Nuclear weapons were used only in this war. Italy, Germany, and Japan were called the Axis power. England, France, Russia, and the USA called the Allies power. After World War 1 and the Great Depression Nazi regime rose in Germany. The Nazi government in Germany defended the idea of the superior German race and declared that did not recognize the Peace Treaty of Versailles and started occupations. After Hitler took the power, Germany developed the war industry, especially in the armored units, there was a very serious war force in Germany, and Germany’s army was the most powerful army during that era. Germany invaded Poland in 1939 and Germany progressed until 1941. They captured or suppressed many lands with treaties or wars. But Hitler could not secure victories in the long run. England resisted the German army in 1941 at that time Hitler planned Russia’s war plan because he was confident and thought that we can quickly win the British war. In 1942, Hitler dismissed his general and take command of the army. He did not listen to generals' suggestions. Because he was a narcissist. ‘’His persistent sense of self-importance and entitlement makes it likely that he would have had a narcissistic personality disorder’’. Hitler made the wrong decisions. It was Hitler's extreme narcissism that eventually led to his collapse as can be seen in his attack on Russia in winter and declaration of war on the USA and his underestimated England army.

Hitler thought that England was a weak opponent and not invincible, he underestimated England’s army power and overestimate German army power. There was a reason for his idea. The reason for this Germany invaded France, Netherlands, and Belgium easily and quickly at that time. Netherlands and Belgium was not the target but made easier for the invasion of France. Germany had only one target because France was out of war. Hitler offer the peace agreement, but England refused without any conditions. After that Hitler started the British war to invade England or compel them to accept the agreement. Churchill did not accept the agreement. Hitler thought that was a bluff because he was a narcissist. British prepared for war and took precautions. The British radar system was developed and obtained information about German bombardment. British air force resists the German air force. Eventually, Germany had to retreat and canceled the invasion of England. Hitler believed that invaded England easily, but he did not invade and he had to turn his route into Russia. It was a mistake they had to war on two fronts because of his narcissism, normally they should have avoided fighting on two fronts it was a trap. According to Jeffrey Record opponents were surprised ‘’ Hitler was so reckless to start a war with the Soviet Union before he had first finished off Britain’’. According to Jeffrey Record if Hitler knows Germany’s army power they would win the war. Also, he mentions that Germany was defeated because of a lack of strategy and this reflects the battle of Britain. However, Hitler was very confident and narcissistic. He wanted more than he could and he did not see the reality.

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Hitler attacked Russia in the winter because of narcissism. He was self-confident and this made her make mistakes. This operation is known as Barbarossa. Hitler underestimated the Russian army's power. Hitler thought that the red army was not a threat to Germany. In her opinion German army was better than the Russians and they could defeat easily. Nazis spent a lot of money on their army. Nazi management believed that they could defeat Russia in the summer. That’s why they did not prepare the winter equipment for the army. The nazi invasion started in 1941. Two years ago before the attack, Russia and Germany signed an agreement not to attack each other. German army moved into Russia’s land and Russia did not resist the German army. However, when came winter German army had to retreat because they had not had enough equipment for winter. ‘’Hitler did not order the issuance of winter gear and clothing to the German Army in Russia either because he thought the war would be over before the first snowfall or because he thought it would demoralize the troops or both’’. Rundstedt suggested that we could not defend the South and that we should back but Hitler did not listen to him. Also, ‘’Hitler persisted in overruling the tentative opposition of the general staff to his strategy’’. These situations show his narcissism. According to Jeffrey Record Germany underestimate Russia and they were confident because Russia could not stop Aryan German. Russian army stops the German army in winter. German army retreated until the Russian army captured Berlin in 1945. Hitler made the most fatal military mistake by attacking Russia. He defeated his ego. He lost a lot of soldiers. If Hitler had not been defeated by his ego and had not attacked Russia, he would have won the war.

Hitler declared war on United State because of narcissism. He thought the Americans had a lower racial status than the Germans. That’s why he thought that the American army was not a perfect army and that the American army lacked a number of soldiers. Hitler was angry with the United States because the United States provide food to England and protect England’s ships in the Atlantic Ocean. Hitler found the perfect opportunity for declaring war against the United States after the Japanese air force bombed Pearl Harbor on 7th December 1941. Hitler had not declared war on the United States but he was a narcissist. As I said he underrated the American army and race. Hitler made another fatal mistake by declaring war against the United States. ‘’When the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour provoked Hitler, very mistakenly, to declare war on the United States’’. On the same day, President Roosevelt declared war on Germany. This declaration exhausted the German army force. Because Germany had a war on many fronts and their economy was not good. ‘’ America’s participation in the war had largely determined the defeat of Germany’’. Hitler had to war against three military power, that is the British, the Russians, and the United States.

Hitler was defeated in World War II because of his narcissism which made him attack the Russians without preparing winter equipment for his military, declaring war against the United States and underestimating the military power of England. During the Nazi invasion of Russia, Hitler underrated the military power of the Russian army. He assumed that the German army capture the Russian land quickly. That’s why, Hitler did not prepare any military equipment for winter conditions. Also, Hitler’s narcissism made him make a quick decision in declaring war against the United States of America. This made his military fight an unnecessary war against the United States. They should have avoided this war. Hitler underestimation of the military power of the British Royal Air Force. Eventually, Hitler's narcissism led to his collapse. Germany was defeated in 1945 because of Hitler's narcissism and wrong decisions.


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