Should We Have Dropped The Atomic Bomb on Japan? Essay

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President Harry Truman determined to release nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was the optimum decision of circumstances that supported the surrender of Japan in World War II. Many arguments will doubt the atomic bombs had made results any better. While, the other handful of individuals, supporting Truman’s authorization, have considerable justification. Toss away the reasons for disagreement and contemplate the motives that lead descending atomic bombs as the right choice of weapon.

A few years prior to the war of America and Japan, there had been a compliance with trade. America had transported quantities of oil, tin, and rubber to their ally. Japan relied heavily on these goods which sustained the many assaults toward their enemy of the 1930s. Uneasy it was for the Western hemispheres to support such a violent country, so the final declaration was to embargo these exchanges. Deprivation of imports consequences the Eastern hemisphere’s disruption of war. Principally adding new tensions between the allies. The infamous surprise attack of Pearl Harbor, led by Japan, began World War II. Once allies, now becoming terrorist to the United States.

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Obliterating multiple American navy ships, appalling citizens, the unsuspecting victims of pearl harbor had taken the first blow. Historically writing the abundance of losses of warships and lives that day. This event allows a minimal understanding that rationalizes the importance of an action that required a new plan. An eye for eye. A popular law of retaliation, vengeance, many American citizens commonly agree why it was tolerable to dispatched the atomic bombs. Now given reason, the ‘allies’, had started the first assaults that would lead to our own.

Aside from the desire for justice, the fission bombs were still considered the bitter end. The cause for concern explains why there had been controversy. Concerns that lead to rough environmental changes. After the bombing, the radiation impacted the remaining civilians of Hiroshima health. This is understandable knowing the little boy and fat man had been profuse with the strongest chemical such as uranium and plutonium. Powerful enough to blow a house window 100 miles away. Imagine how this affected the atmospheres. Regardless, the aftermath of war had and will always leave remarkable bruises to the earth and her atmosphere.

The controversial weapon had made its powerful recognition, but calculates a total amassed of possible ways to weakening it with only two explosives. Addressing a new inquiry. Could there be a possibility, war would have expanded further without any involvements with the atomic bombs? Fortuitously, Japan had not stricken twice when attacking pearl harbor. However, a mistake on their part, knowing the characteristics of this hostile country was a great asset. From multiple experiences of battle of midway, battle of Okinawa, and many more of the pacific theater there had been useful knowledge of the enemy. Invisibility, loyalty, dedication, sacrifices, and strongly determined, it indicated the enemy was unstoppable.

There would have not been any usage of the atomic warheads provided the Japan had not been so pertinacious. Willing to dedicate themselves to an oath. This tradition of honor had been taught to enemy forces centuries ago. Therefore, heritating an honoring code for their homelands that led to their death. Fighting forces had their strategies, one being kamikaze. This alone foretold, the value of some soldier’s life did not matter. Making this war between the allies a difficult one.

Battles would have been endless and result without any prosperity. The atomic bomb has done its best to help shorten the war. Weakening Japan’s strength and materials leading their country to mass destruction. Perhaps the bombs saved more lives than what it had taken. On the contrary, the first bomb had not made Japan any closer to surrender. Which gives a con of the failure of a resolution to stop the warfare the first time.

Fat man detonated in Nagasaki for the last time of the year 1945. The outcome resulted for Japan's emperor, Hirohito to intervene between his country and ours. Noting this was the only convincing action that Hirohito would finally accept defeat. Giving a statement Emperor Hirohito announces: “I have given serious thought to the situation prevailing at home and abroad and have concluded that continuing the war can only mean destruction for the nation and prolongation of bloodshed and cruelty in the world. I cannot bear to see my innocent people suffer any longer” (Robert Trumbull, ‘A Leader Who Took Japan to War, to Surrender, and Finally to Peace’).

In closing, even an enemy had seen the nuclear subversion. With an understanding level of less bloodshed, this was another reason the bomb was the difficult revolution, but prevented any further war between America and Japan.

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