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The Story Of Sadako Sasaki And The Hiroshima Bombing

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On the 6th, August 1945 an atomic bomb called ‘Little Boy’ was dropped in the center of the city Hiroshima, Japan. By the USA in World War two, it killed about 80,000 people immediately and heaps more after, it had the effect of 1,500tons of TNT. To this day, atomic bombs are known as the deadliest weapon ever invented and were first invented by Albert Einstein.

Atomic bombs were invented by Albert Einstein before WW2, Einstein published his theory in 1905 this caused many different countries all over the world to try and put his theory into practice, amongst all of these countries Germany was one of them and since Einstein was a refugee from Germany, living in the USA he was afraid that they would use his theory, so he decided to send a letter to Harry S. Truman, USA president at the time, to make an atomic bomb before Germany (nazi’s) did. The USA took this into consideration and decided to make this deadly weapon. When the USA did their first experiment bombing on the 16th, July 1945 in the New Mexico desert at dawn, it melted and destroyed anything nearby, even onlookers 10,000m away felt the effect of the bomb and were knocked off their feet. The experiment bomb had the effect of 19,000 tons of explosives and was even hotter than the sun.

Once the USA had made the bomb ‘Little Boy’ to drop on a Japanese city, they had to decide where and when they were going to drop it. They settled on the date of 6th August 1945 the city was decided on the morning of the dropping as it was the best weather conditions on the day. For weeks before the bombing there had been a weather plane flying over every day, this was very convenient as Enola Gay (plane containing bomb) could fly over the city of Hiroshima and drop the bomb and the citizens there would not be worried until they saw a bomb falling from the sky. Before the bomb was dropped the USA offered Japan to surrender they declined but didn’t know what was going to happen, after the bombing in Hiroshima the USA offered Japan to surrender again, once again they declined so the USA decided they would drop another bomb, this bomb was called ‘big man’ and was dropped in the city of Nagasaki, Japan did surrender this time and on the 14th August 1945 Japan made it public that they had surrendered to World War 2. In total from both bombs, there were around a total of 200,000 deaths and both cities were near demolished.

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When the bomb left the plane by the pilot Colonel Paul W Tibbets, it was aimed at the Aioi Bridge, which is in Hiroshima’s city center, when the bomb hit the ground and exploded, it instantly killed about 80,000 people and over the next few weeks, months and even years people would die of radiational poisoning, wounds, and leukemia, in the city itself 90% of the buildings were destroyed and demolished. The bomb had wind of about 1584km per hour and reached 5000oC

Sadako Sasaki had three other siblings, one sibling was older and the other two were younger than Sadako, although her younger siblings weren’t born when the bombing accord. When Sadako, Masahiro (older brother), Mrs. Sasaki (Sadako’s mother), and grandmother were going out for the day when the atomic bomb was dropped, Sadako’s grandmother went back into the house to retrieve some family air looms, they never saw her again. Everyone except their grandmother was not injured in any physical way, or so they thought. When the bomb was dropped Sadako was 2 years old, 10 years later she started getting dizzy at times and started to get symptoms but didn’t tell her family or even her best friend. The dizziness got worse and worse, so bad that she was at school one day and felt dizzy and like she was going to faint, this happened, and she woke to her school friends and the teacher surrounding her. She was taken to the Red Cross Hospital where she got diagnosed with Leukemia. She spent the next few months in the same hospital.

Soon after Sadako had gotten leukemia and was admitted into the hospital her best friend told her the folklore about the creation of 1000 paper cranes and then a wish will be granted, Sadako thought about this and decided that she would try and make 1000 paper cranes so she will get well and overcome the disease, she only made 644 paper cranes but she is one of Japan’s most told stories because of her hope, kindness, and determination when she was alive. after she died her friends from school were very upset and felt like they needed to do something in her memory of her and in the memory of all of their other friends who were killed because of the bombing, so they decided to form a unity club to raise money, this grew very large and donations came from 9 foreign countries around the world. With this money, they decided to build a statue in memory of all of the children who had lost their lives because of the atomic bomb. On the 5th May 1958 (children’s day) the Children’s peace monument was finished and opened.

Sadako Sasaki was an extraordinarily strong girl, even though she didn’t make the whole 1000 she was incredibly determined to. She died in October 1955 when her family by her, but she lives on to this day, with the telling of stories about her inspiring story, and through the building of the Children’s Peace Monument in Hiroshima’s city Centre, traditionally on children’s day, people make paper cranes and place them around the monument in memory of Sadako.

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