The Last Straw, or Why the Japanese and Americans 'Grabbed Each Other by the Neck'

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During the 1900s, there were lots of controversy between America and other axis countries. There is so many reasons why the Japs and Americans were at each other necks. First, the Japs had attacked Pearl Harbor and this was one of the brutalist attacks that has ever happened. The Americans didn’t react fast enough and didn’t know what to do once it had happened. All they could do is try and fight for their country and their lives. At that time, President Roosevelt was the president and the attack affected how Americans look at the Japanese descent. America had restricted all trades to Japan because they didn’t want anything to do with them. The Americans were forced to enter the war because they had been attacked and it was time to wake up the sleeping giant. After, Roosevelt had died Harry Truman had to take over and finish the battle with a bang. If President Truman turned to me and asked would I drop the atomic bomb on Japan, I would have said yes because they attacked us unexpectly and now its time they see how it feels, the Americans would cut the chances of the having another invasion on their soldiers, and the Japs would have no choice to surrender and the war will be over.

The Japs attacked the Americans on December 7,1941 in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This was one of the craziest wars that affected the Americans and created so much hatred toward the Japs. The Americans started teaching their children to hate the Japs in class. 'The Japanese race is an enemy race', wrote Lieutenant General John DeWitt in Final Report, ‘Japanese Evacuation from the West Coast’ (1942). “While many second and third generation Japanese born on American soil, possessed of American citizenship, have become ‘Americanized’, the racial strains are undiluted”. So, all of the Japanese descent were booted out of America and but into an internment camp located in a gated area away from society. They were excluded from society because of the decisions that the Japanese made. It effected both races and the Americans had most of the control of what they wanted to do about the situation. The Americans wanted the Japs to feel their pain that they experience during the Pearl Harbor attack and more.

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Second, the Americans would cut the chances of the having another invasion by the Japanese. President Truman said that they rather protect their men then put their life in risk if they don’t end this war as soon as possible. He declared that the two atomic bombs should be dropped on Japanese cities because “an invasion would cost at a minimum one quarter of a million casualties, and might cost as much as a million, on the American side alone'. The president added that “a quarter of a million of the flowers of our young manhood was worth a couple of Japanese cities”. (Walker 4,5). This just shows that he values his young soldiers’ lives. The soldiers were very grateful for him because some presidents wouldn’t have thought that way about the situation. Truman made that decision because his country is valuable to him and his peers.

The Japanese would have no choice but to surrender and the war will be ended with the Americans victory. It had finally come to the moment were the Americans where about to drop the two atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In Hiroshima it is the port city and army headquarters in southern Japan. “It killed approximately 78,000 people including thousands of Japanese soldiers and 23 American Prisoners of war housed in the city” (Shi 990). This first bomb had done more damage than the Americans had expected. Anything that was close to that area they were burned to death by the radiation. Also, if anyone looked into the fire their eyes would be fried to death. They had so much damage to recover from that it would take years to get everything back to normal. Truman and his aids, frustrated by the stubborn refusal of Japanese leaders to surrender (Shi 991). If Japan would just surrender at that moment then nobody else would have been effected from the second atomic bomb. But since they didn’t surrender the second bomb was dropped and the Japanese finally gave in. They surrendered on August 14,1945 and the ceremony was on September 22,1945. Finally, American had the victory over Japan, and Truman was so victorious because he saved his country and soldiers from another disaster.

With my actions on agreeing with Truman for dropping the atomic bomb, you will find that some people with disagree. They will feel that we shouldn’t have reacted in that way and using violence to defeat a country that started with us first. The Japanese felt some type of way because we ruined two countries that were very important to them. So, I would see why people would disagree with that decision because what if that was our country they were destroying. Always put yourself in their shoes, and you would feel completely destroyed in life and depressed. Also, when the Americans sent the Japanese descent off to an Internment camp in a gated area. Basically, they were removed because of their race and was forced to lose everything that they worked for in the United States.

In conclusion, both Americans and Japanese were wrong for their actions but they will never see it in that way. They did what they had to do to protect their country and people. Truman made the wises decision by releasing that bomb because the Japs came and attacked Pearl Harbor, then the Americans had to decided if they wanted to wait or go ahead and make the final decision. Japan was finally able to surrender and the Americans were able to relax.

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