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Dark Middle Ages in Europe

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I think Middle Ages best describes the era between 500 and 1400 in Europe is Dark Ages. On the one hand, Europe at this time did not have a strong regime to govern. Feudalism led to frequent wars, the stagnation of science and technology and productivity, and the hopeless misery of the people. Therefore, the middle ages or the early middle ages were commonly referred to as the ‘Dark Ages’ in Europe and the United States.

On the other hand, the development of civilization has been greatly inhibited. The religious-led representatives did not allow new ideas to emerge, and many good scientists and thinkers were treated cruelly at this time. Beginning in the ninth century, the aristocracy began to rise, and when the Pope found his position in power to be shaken, he made a decisive choice to cooperate with the temporal dignitaries. The bishops of the church began to look for their own collaborators and try to bring them to their knees. The first to act was the Pope, who pioneered the planning of the power of secular rulers. They established their authority by building powerful churches. The pastors of the past were far from worldly and seductive. And previous priests, who considered ascetic practices to be quite sacred, rarely married or had children. And then the priests have started the golden house.

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The corruption of popes and priests in religion was only one dark side of the time. The biggest problem in Europe at that time was that there was no strong regime to rule, and it was secular power over the rule of religious ideas. In Europe, however, the existence of religion imprisoned people’s thinking, calling everything the guidance of the gods, and greatly restricted people’s pursuit of science and exploration of the truth of the world. As a result, Europe’s economy, technology and productivity stagnated during the decade. The concepts of original sin, abstinence and redemption in the Christian doctrine make people look to the other world, while they are full of a sense of nothingness for the present life. Plus the feudal Lord’s heavy exploitation, the people for the livelihood of the suffering.

And there was one other thing that had to be mentioned during this period, and that was the Mongol invasion, when the Mongol cuirasses were invincible. Across Europe and Asia, genghis khan and tiemujin led their cavalry until they reached the east bank of the Danube river. And the mongols go to every place, basically this place is a town can not escape the fate of the city to be slaughtered, finally the cuirass is blocked by the arabs, otherwise the whole of Europe will suffer a huge disaster.

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