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Digital Literacy as a Necessary Skill in the Modern World

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Today, our world became a place where everyone and everything is connected digitally. Technological achievements have an impact on every aspect of our life. Without digital literacy, which is the ability to use digital technology effectively, we can’t be successful. I completely agree that digital literacy should be required in all sectors for the following reasons.

First of all, our daily life requires digital literacy. Starting with smart phones to smart home appliances, everything is made out of the latest technology. If we don’t understand the technology, we won’t be able to function normally.

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My grandmother is 70 years old, but every day she is trying to understand the technology. It is hard for her, because she is getting older, her memory is not as good as before and most importantly because she never used such advanced technology before. At a glance, we might think what’s the use of learning all that, when it’s such a hard and never-ending process. It’s because society, the world, and surroundings require those skills. This year, fearing coronavirus my grandmother can’t go out whenever she wants, but grocery shopping, making transactions, paying bills and other tasks are awaiting to be done. Therefore, she started learning how to use mobile bank applications, shopping sites and more. This is one example of the need for digital literacy.

Furthermore, basic tasks of any job require to be digitally literate. Many office jobs perform daily tasks on computers using different software and programs. Communication is made through emails, not letters. Research and planning have become a crucial part of every business. This process is done properly only when you have digital literacy, because it includes taking surveys from people, finding information, analyzing it and more. We used to submit our written resume by going from one to another company, but now we do this online. Every business is making a transition to an online, digital world. Technology provides people with a convenient life that everyone desires. For instance, banks that were flooded with people have made their services online. One click on your computer can bring goods to your home.

In conclusion, digital literacy is a must have skill. Digital appliances and technology are evolving every day and also changing our lives. In the business field, work can’t be done without proper knowledge in technology. Thus, we have to adapt to this style of living and learn every day.

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